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  1. It is left to the Owner to clean up fake logs. This policy has already made a mess of Trackables. And an Owner having to delete many incorrect "Visit" or "Discover" logs by hand, is just the tip of the iceberg. Where the problem has gone from there, you don't wanna know. Unfortunately, I am not the owner so I cannot do anything until such time I visit the cache, The CO has been inactive for a number of years.
  2. I have just encountered a new twist (to me) of Geocaching, Couch surfing Coin dipping. Apparently, I can go to any cache page, post a note and dip a coin, TB or perform almost any other function without violating any of Groundspeak guidelines. This not a policy I could conscribe to but others may find it harmless, Your thoughts?
  3. My goodness, I must say that this thread has taken bickering to a new height, The cache was placed before many of the guidelines were put in place and thus, grandfathered in place. There have been changes made over the years to presumably "improve" the site including the present concrete casting around a can or similar item to provide a lasting receptacle for the cache. That these improvements violate one or more guidelines is up for debate. This cache is unique in it is the oldest active cache in the US. (Have I got that right?) it is unlikely I will ever visit this one but given the opportunity, I would, because it is unique. The debate would very quickly become as foggy as this stupid thread has become.
  4. I have always maintained that there should be a periodic Cache Owner Maintenance visitation, it could be 1 year or 5 or even 10 years. If the CO does not do cache maintenance ( at least say it was done), the cache would automatically archive and would eliminate abandoned caches including many that are kept alive by ghost owners. You may disagree as does Groundspeak but that's alright, I got my suit on.
  5. Recently, I had a cache gone missing, Although the last finder had a validated email I received no answer as to where the cache may have been placed. Fortunately, after a lengthy search, I was able to recover the cache and restore it to it's proper spot. It has now been listed as PMO in the hope of limiting access in favor of a more responsible caching community.
  6. All they need are a pair of aviation snips and away it goes.
  7. I'm sorry but I can't go along with the TCM approach, I think it waters down and cheapens the game. It removes one of the basic precepts of the game which is, find a cache, sign the log and rehide for the next geocacher to find. If this were to become accepted practice then I would be able to go find your cache,(it could be any of you) sign the log and because I'm too busy or time is short or I'm too lazy. "insert your excuse here", take the cache and drop it off at the next cache I find, pick up that one and repeat. Geocaching would become Geochaos. I'm not going to play the game that way but most assuredly, there are some that would, or at least would try..
  8. In this case I would explain the situation and claim the smiley, BTDT.
  9. What ads? I know they are there but, with few exceptions, I just don't see them anymore. It's sort of like the traffic going by or the planes passing overhead, you become conditioned and don't hear them anymore unless one appears that is more annoying than usual and it attracts your attention.
  10. I may look for a cache in a tourist trap or high muggle spot if I happen to be in the area but I don't go looking for them, They often have an inordinately high favorites score that has nothing to do with reality. In my area, we have an ammo can tossed under the back porch of a tourist trap along with the trash found under many back porches, it also has a high number of favorites solely because it is conveniently near where the cruise ships tie up.
  11. The world is round, the proof being that if it were flat, looking off into the distance you would be able to see the back of your own head.
  12. Don't know how to do a graph but in my 32 mile circle, (I live on an island) I have access to 168 caches of which 90 are new in 2014, this is a huge increase, the down side is they are mostly small and micros.
  13. This game started out and is still based on the use of a GPSr, even if you use one of the many variations of the phones available, it is still a GPSr game. Just get a GPSr, even the low end units work well. They don't care if you have a cell signal or not and will work almost anywhere. they cost near nothing to operate, no cell or data plans, just batteries once a week and many will use rechargeable batteries. I have a phone and a GPSr, The GPSr doesn't disturb my peace and quiet.
  14. You correct, They are generally useful for the topographical terrain and would be useful if you are caching away from home, or are in an unfamiliar area. You can Geocache without maps or terrain, that is obvious, but I began with a GPSr and I would be at a disadvantage without that extra information at times to the point of being completely lost were it not available. Most GPSr units will come with a basemap which is, as it says, a world wide map giving basic information, useful? yes, but better than no map at all and upgrades are available at small cost. If you get a GPSr with decent features, I don,t think you will look back, I use an Etrex 30 and it doe's me very well.
  15. Well then put a QR code in the log book and have them scan it. And if you do this, you may very well put an end to my geocaching days as I do not use a phone for the purpose and am not likely to. I am quite sure I'm not alone in this.
  16. I think if I found a cache full of pot, it would be accidentally destroyed, accidentally, of course.
  17. I too, have a new computer with Window 8.1, I found I had to drill a little deeper and drag & drop directly into the Garmin GPX file. I hope that makes sense, I no longer need to use the Garmin Communicator program.
  18. How do I transfer possession of a trackable to another member? The trackable is already in the possession of another member to be released into another cache, place unknown at this time. I would like to keep the paper trail intact.
  19. You have failed to find the cache. That is a failure. Simple English. Myself, I will almost always log a failure once. Very seldom more than once. Two DNFs helps no one. Most DNFs help no one. Other that to show that I have failed. And yes, I have logged over 450 DNFs. I have to disagree, To not find the cache is NOT a failure, it is a setback, to quit and go home because you didn't find it, that is a failure. If you fail to get the ball in the hoop do you try again?, or do you quit trying and look upon it as a failure? In the long run, DNFs are a very important part of the game, It is a game, is it not? Have you logged over 450 DNFs or have you logged over 450 failures? In my mind, there is a difference as I do not log failures.
  20. Unfortunately, I have to go with this, so true.
  21. Because it sounds cooler. Just like sometimes people spell 'night' as 'nite'. For some, it might sound cooler but for my dime, it's just lazy.
  22. I would never, never, never resort to such low-down, underhanded, sneaky tactics as this, You may send your tribute to me any time now. Where did you get that photo of me?
  23. I have never complained about a premium Membership and if you think I did, you misunderstood completely, I am one of the most misunderstood people on the planet. It certainly is not about the numbers, you can see my count and there are only 56 caches available in my cacheing circle, so it can't be about numbers, nope, it can't be. unh unh, nope, I hope to do the ET Trail someday but it certainly won't be for the numbers. A chance to mindlessly find a cache every 528 feet for hours (days) on end, Who can resist? I might do it without the numbers, sure I might. I have never insulted you, I have checked my memory (what there is of it)and can find no evidence of it, if you remember it, your memory is suspect because I would remember, this is just too important to not remember. I have never thought about calling you a name, name calling sometimes happens without thought but I have never just thought about it, I would remember. If someone else wins the contest, it might happen that I think about it but not likely because I am the most deserving person you would ever hope to meet and I would never think about calling anyone a name, I would remember. I have never told a lie either, I would remember. You can end the contest now and send me my tribute now, why waste all that time?
  24. First, I try to cache using my motorcycle but as it rains here a lot (160 in./year) I use my truck as well, but I do not think of myself as lazy doing so and I do resent the implication. And second, It is very unlikely my vehicle will be the cause of any accident I may be involved in, it will be myself or the other driver, Cars do not cause accidents, people do. And third, As a driver, I do not look down upon cyclists the way some bicycle fanatics (self proclaimed) look down upon motorists, although I do resent the total disregard of traffic rules as exhibited by many cyclists. And in many cases, public transportation is just not an option.
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