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  1. Thanks kunarion..mystery solved. They were placed by my Mom yrs ago ... HOW the copies ended up 2,000 mile away in another relative's estate is the REAL MYSTERY NOW
  2. A close relative passed away a few yrs ago. Her husband recently sent me a box of some of her personal things. At the bottom of the box I found 2 travel bugs, their numbers and marked 'copies'. With 2 different activation names. As far as I know she was not into caching/computers. In fact at her death she was just learning how to use a computer. I do caching and TBs but don't have a clue how to find out about others other than my own or logging finds. How do I find where these came from or if they were some sort of 'give away' at an event she may have attended? Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. IE means Internet Explorer. The numbers 7 and 8 refer to the version numbers. However, here's what OpinoNate posted in another thread (linked below). http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=215285 Thanks~ I KNEW that was a dumb question!
  4. This issue has several post on the Forums. I had the same problem and when I looked closely at the box it told me to click and reset my account with Garmin. Other people have downloaded IE 7/8 and it cured the problem. Good luck I am having the same problem.It USED to work! UHH, sounds dumb...but WHAT IS an IE7/8 ?
  5. I had a Magellan and really liked it. It was easy to use....having said THAT. I would NEVER buy another Magellan product. I had a problem with mine. Sent it in for repairs to Magellan~big MISTAKE. After 6 months of going back and forth I gave up getting satisfaction. At one point they even debited my bank card (they said they needed the info for their records etc.) never did get it repaired. I ended up filling out forms with the Better Business Bureau and found out they had alot of other complaints with the same problems. They were so bad about customer satisfaction and passing the buck. I must have talked to a dozen different people.It was one big mess.After 6 months they told me they 'lost' all my info and needed my bank account number again and I had to start all over~NOT! I now have a Garmin. Hope you can fix yours but under NO circumstances should you send it to Magellan. Hope your problem is just with the downloading thing and NOT the unit.
  6. imcfly

    Best topo software

    Not sure if this will help you, but I took a class yesterday and the instructor gave the website for www.topozone.com where you can create your own maps.
  7. VERY creative! I bet that is one cache that went misssing REALLY fast!
  8. Thanks, I took your advice and since he is Media Customer Service. I emailed him and told him I only WISH I was the media as I would write a nice long article about my experiences and gave him a VERY brief description. Within 30 minutes he emailed me for names and details. I just sent them to him so we shall all see what happens. Will update as soon as I hear something
  9. Good luck! I know ALL about their 'ugrading their software' and all their problems with it. As of TWO weeks ago, they have all the bugs worked out and it is up and running 'for better customer service' The only problem now seems to be they can't communicate with any other dept. except their own. Do I believe this???? NOT!
  10. Do you REALLY want to know??? Ok, My 'enter' button broke off. On Sept. 11th I called Magellan. It was under warrenty. It is an Explorist 100. I was told they are not repairing them, but would upgrade me to an Explorist 400. Fine. He needed my credit card 'as an assurance I would send the old unit back within 30 days" Sucker that I am. I gave it to him after 3 assurances it would NOT be run thru. I now have 6 PAGES of phone calls back and forth. I was told EVERY SINGLE week I would DEFINATELY rec. unit by Friday of that week (TODAY is Nov.10th) Call back on Mon/Tue. for a tracking number for UPS. When I call back I am told they cannot get that number since "their new system does not show that information". One week I was told it would DEFINATELY be there by Friday (this was a Thurs.) I told her GREAT then it will be here by tomorrow! She hesitated and said well, Sat. by the latest.When I called Mon. I was told it would be here DEFINATELY by NEXT Mon. but to call back that next Thurs. for a tracking number (I guess they forgot they cant access this!) I asked if I am getting it on a Monday, WHY would I want to call THURS. for a shipping number. Long Long story short. Last weekend while checking my bank acct. I found $199.99 missing from my acct. (I used a debit card) After 1 Hour and 1/2 I finally talked to a supervisor. You will find they protect their supervisors and will not let you talk to one. They will 'always' call you back which they never do. After being on the phone for 45 min. this time I insisted on talking to their billing dept. I was told they don't have one! NICE. I finally got to speak to a supervisor who kept insisting on mailing me a refund (since it was not suppose to be charged under warranty). 2 days later it DID finally drop off my acct. I have no GPS yet. Last Mon. I called again and was FINALLY sent to the RA Dept. After talking to 3 other people first. I asked what exactly this RA Dept was. Are you ready? Ritten Authority (as in Written Authority dept.) HE tells me ALL my information has to be put into HIS computer and that there is NO RECORD of my information!! He had the audacity to ask for credit card"as an assurance I would return unit in 30 days!" I told him to go talk to supervisor Perry.... He tells me HIS dept. cannot TALK to other depts and kept repeating he needed my credit card info. I kept telling him NO. They already screwed THAT up. I told him I DO NOT TRUST HIM with my credit card. I DO trust myself to send back the unit in 30 days and he should go talk to his other computers. I have him the names of every person I talked to, the amt. of time I talked to them and finally he says. I will ship it 2 day AIR and you WILL get it in 4-5 days (can't figure out THAT timeline!) I told him this has been going on for 2 months and HE can get my credit card information from the Better Business Bureau if they want it. I went down and filed a complaint with them. Magellan is not a member of the BBB (not surprising) and they cannot force a resolution but can build a file. They opened a file on Magellen last June 07 and there have been 10 complaints for warranty problems and from people who sent their units in for repairs and can't get them back. I would NEVER deal with Magellan again. DO NOT give them your credit card information. They have lied to me for 2 months, I still do not have a GPS and I am thru with them.
  11. We have alot of 99 cent stores and craft stores that sell ALOT of small things in a bag for about a dollar or two. My brother was Paratrooper in Vietnam and he puts in little parachuters.
  12. Not sure. Where it says "sends emails in TEXT / HTML Format. The HTML box is checked. Is this where I shoud be looking? Thanks
  13. Did you copy and paste the HTML from the World66 site, or did you try to copy the map itself? I tried copying the HTML~should I try the map itself? Thanks
  14. ok, this is kinda, sorta, could be, maybe in the same type of topic. A couple of us have been trying to generate those maps that show the states or counties cached. I had the info on World66 map but when I copy and paste, all I get are the numbers or letters. Tried it another way, and all I get are a LIST of states. IS there a secret to generating a regular old red-in-the-state map? One of us could not even get to the map from the World66 site. HELP~thanks
  15. I have asked this before, but got no answer. Now, the situation has come up again. We have a TB that is now in Switzerland. The cache site and comments are all in German. IS there a button to click on to translate to Engish? Thanks all you linguists!
  16. When you have a TB that goes to Europe. The cache page is in the language of the country. How do you convert it to English to read about the cache? Any ideas?
  17. Last summer/fall we took a 4 month, 14,300 mile road trip caching all the way. I started at a local cache and then just went on the google geo maps and scrolled up the route we were taking. It was THEE best trip. All the caches told us local things like where to eat, where to go see the most moose, etc. We went from Az. up thru Utah, Yellowstone, Montana, Iowa, Indiana, Ill., Ohio,Pennsylvania,then up to Niagara Falls, New England to see the leaves, down thru NYC and down to Va. where we followed Lee's retreat across Va.and back to the coast and down to Fla., over to N.O. Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, N.M. and back home. I am sure I forgot some states there. We met cachers and SOO many creative caches. We taught friends on the way how to do it and had the most fun.Not having a laptop, I visited local libraries also and got caches off their computers for some local caches. All the libraries have guest passes and only a few charged for use. I also hit some cyber cafes and they had computers to use at no cost. The only trouble we had was that there must be a cache every 1/2 mile in Utah and it took us 2 weeks to get thru that state If we hit ALL the caches on the routes we would still be on the road~not REALLY a bad idea!!
  18. You guys are GOOD!! I can't get MY VW down those trails between those darn trees to carry all this stuff!! You DON'T mean you CARRY all this do you???? I started carrying a backpack and it hurt my shoulders so am now down to my GPS case, pencil, whistle and gloves. Oh, since my husband likes to 'man' the car and take a nap while I hunt for tupperware in the woods I do carry a walkie talkie in case I need a helicopter rescue!
  19. Here is a question KINDA in that catagory. My Bro. started his TB in Ohio, then took it to NY and dropped it in a cache there. It has since moved on to Fla. and Tex.He wants the numbers to reflect starting from Ohio and not starting from NY. Someone gave him complicated directions how to do this. IS there an easy way to do this? Thanks! I think it is easier to ask his Sis
  20. Some states are trying to outlaw caching in cemetaries. I think this would give us ALL a bad name (unless of course it is out in the middle of the woods or something.I like cemetary caches but I would NEVER poke around a grave or a stone.I know my Dad has alot of interesting things on his grave and I would not like to see someone messing with his leprechaun or things my granddaughters have left there. I do have a cache in the cemetary across from his grave up in a big tree and that is close enough. All you would need is a family member driving up while you are strip searching Uncle Al!
  21. Here is a question KINDA in that catagory. My Bro. started his TB in Ohio, then took it to NY and dropped it in a cache there. It has since moved on to Fla. and Tex.He wants the numbers to reflect starting from Ohio and not starting from NY. Someone gave him complicated directions how to do this. IS there an easy way to do this?
  22. This is going to shoot a hole in your age average. I am 59, my husband is 60. My Mom caches and she is 85. My brother is 60 and his wife is 50. When their daughter got married last fall at age 34. They bought her and her husband a GPS for their wedding. JJ is around 33.Their other daughter is 22 and her fiance is 23 and they both cache. OUR sons and their wives cache. They are 37 and 35 and their wives are 36 and 34. THEIR kids caches and they are 12 and 10. Soon, there will be another grandchild and we plan on taking him caching with us and he will be less than a year. Do we win a prize for the most ages and most family cachers
  23. Thanks StarBrand THAT is the one I was looking for!
  24. Ok, this is a DUH~I can't find the website to print out some new thin log sheets to use in a micro. Have used them before and just can't seem to remember where I put it. Anyone? Anyone?
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