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  1. No, I'm sorry but text color and font type will not be configurable in the logs. However, we will run a script to clean up the old BBCode tags so they will not look cluttered. I know that some, including yourself, enjoyed customizing the log text but for the sake of consistency and readability we feel this is the right move. I, for one, am happy about this. It bugs me when folks copy and paste colorful signatures into every log. There should be an option to pick the plain text editor by default. I almost never use any of the styles in WYSIWYG editors.
  2. This has only happened to me once. Turns out the park is notorious for this kind of activity... a handful of other cachers have reported random men following them into the woods. Here's my log http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...;log=y#16419012
  3. I'm 22. I'd say the mean age is definitely older. I'll probably become a professional geocacher once I retire... in 40 years or so!
  4. I've done this a couple times when I forget to log the find online, then return to the area a long time later. It actually happened another time because someone had placed the bogus coordinates for a puzzle right on top of an existing cache. I was out without a cache sheet and didn't realize it was a puzzle... it was a strange experience.
  5. I'd probably do the 2 Wherigo caches near me if I had a compatible GPS, but I'm glad there aren't more nearby since I currently can't find them.
  6. I think the land managers we're talking about don't own the land. They are hired by the city. Chances are there's some sort of land manager out there for your Saskatchewan parks, though they might just be higher up and deal less with day to day business.
  7. Or maybe a checkbox on the new log page that will take you straight to the image upload form after you push submit. I don't think enough users upload images on a regular basis to justify putting the upload form on the same page. If it was just one file, it would be okay, but a multi-image upload would be annoying. Alternatively, you could hide the form using AJAX (i think) and just display a "Upload images" title with a checkbox/link next to it that would open the form. I've seen this done before.
  8. I like the pitstop idea and I hope it comes to fruition. I think bug owners would appreciate having the little pin in the map for a picture you took with the bug, especially if it's more than a few miles away from the geocache you drop it into. As for the actual topic of this thread... I don't really care. I don't see how the pitstop idea doesn't solve the issue. For event caches, I think being able to drop bugs there is a useful so people can look through the bugs before the event and see if they can help any of them.
  9. Thanks for the update, it's nice to know that someone is out there. I've been using the greasemonkey scripts, but it will be nice to have the actual site look bearable, too
  10. I will echo everyone's sentiments here... I really dislike the new design. I actually find it much harder to read. I thought it was a problem with my browser at first, so I decreased my font size... this is even worse . Please change it back. Eugh. The style probably won't decrease my geocaching, but it will definitely decrease my time on the site. I spend a lot of time scrolling through cache pages or looking through my old finds. The new style just doesn't make that pleasurable anymore.
  11. I just saw this thread and, as someone who really wanted to see archived caches return, I am very disappointed. Bah. Politics politics politics.
  12. I love caching in the snow. It's so quiet... It definitely makes finds harder if there's a lot of it, though. The rain is okay. Sometimes I go out anyway, other times I'll chose to stay at home and watch a movie or something. Snow caching was a lot easier in my old car, a CRV. I will miss that 4 wheel drive this winter.
  13. A button to stop the auto-refresh would be great for me. The uncheck everything workaround doesn't really work because I still want to see the caches already on there when I jogging the map back and forth. I'd also really like it if the caches remained on the map after you zoomed out beyond the 500 cache limit, even if it's only displaying 500.
  14. Also, if you have an iPod you can put the cache description on that using Mac Caching. There might be a Windows program too, I'm not sure.
  15. Don't have my DS with me here at school, but I will try it next week when I return home. I hope you can figure out a way to get 500 caches in, all my PQs are 500.
  16. I, too, would like the option to turn off the link. Especially since I'm already a Premium Member. It looks pretty silly having a link to a gift membership next to the title that says I already have it.
  17. I think you might have found a discarded murder weapon....
  18. Just like to say I'm still anxiously awaiting the return of this
  19. Well, I think the idea is that sometimes wreckless driving is out of your control... Like avoiding a deer or something on the highway. One of my friend's SUV rolled over when he got in (what should have been) a minor car wreck. So yeah... SUVs definitely roll over easier than cars. It probably isn't a big deal if you're a careful driver, but the center of gravity IS higher.
  20. benji55545


    But you invited them to join OKIC! Haha. The OP is still invited to join the OKIC, even if they are part of the Geocaching, Letterbo... err, GLBT community. I think BVCY's "i'm outta here" comment was to say that he himself is not GLBT.
  21. I don't really care about comments... but I would really like to see a tagging feature. I like taking pictures of travel bugs for people, but I hate how they all show up in my profile page. It'd also be nice if pictures other people have taken of me would show up on my profile. If you don't like a picture someone tagged of you, you just remove the tag. Maybe someone should make a new thread for photo tagging, because all the negativity in this thread is toward picture comments and I don't want them lumped together.
  22. haha funny question. never really thought about it. driving is a problem... maybe some day i'll go on a cache n drink camp-out trip with my friends. sounds fun, though i am worried about losing my GPS, there's been a couple times i've left it somewhere near the cache and could barely find it sober.
  23. That's AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks! Great news, thanks for the update.
  24. With a site as big as Groundspeak its sometimes easy to forget that there are real people coding this stuff, not trained monkeys or omnipotent supercomputers. some not very nice things were said about the clusters... sorry!
  25. If it is for speed, doesn't the need to zoom in and reload to actually see the caches kind of cancel out any time saved before....? Anyway, just make it possible to turn this off and everybody will be happy.
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