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  1. That's pretty much how I feel, too. I for one am not excited for virtuals to return. I fear that the virtual saturation will become so great that the site will be more like we all moved over to Waymarking.com and transferred a few geocaches for the heck of it.
  2. I've taken my picture with a cache camera 5 or 6 times. I recall maybe 2 of them eventually being developed and posted on the cache page. A funny thing happened with one of the pictures... turns out my friend placed the cache and recognized me when he developed the photos. Neither one of us knew the other was a cacher.
  3. There's some weird behavior when zoomed out with the beta maps. If I enable "hide my hides," all my finds come back, regardless if they are disabled. Here's a video of the weirdness.
  4. Hovering works fine for me. Mac OS X, Firefox 4.0.1 That is a mouse click, Used to be if you just hovered on the cache, a small box wit cache title only would appear, I can click the cache and get the depicted result, but the hover, nothing appears, click and you get the title and all basic info. *Sigh* No, look below the large balloon box, where my mouse is. I'm hovering over the cache and a small box has appeared with the cache name. I think we've established that the hover doesn't work for most users. It works in Firefox in OS X, though. Safari, too.
  5. Hovering works fine for me. Mac OS X, Firefox 4.0.1 Did that pop up when you hovered or when you clicked? On mine (PC Firefox 3.6.17) you have to click a cache to get the bubble to pop up. The big bubble only appears if I click, but if you roll over the text a small bubble with the cache's name appears. It disappears after a few seconds, though. I would prefer it stayed on the screen until I moved my mouse.
  6. Hovering works fine for me. Mac OS X, Firefox 4.0.1
  7. The amount of white space on either side of the pages is unbearable. I thought maybe my browser was just messing something up and the standard green background was supposed to be there. But no, I looked at the video posted above and its supposed to be that way. Either the fixed width issue mentioned above needs to be fixed or bring back the green borders on the page. It's much harder to read text when its swimming in a giant pool of white.
  8. I think the idea would be more to prevent families of geocachers from wandering into a controlled burn or logging operation. They could alert the CO beforehand and ensure the cache gets archived. I would never pay a fee to hide a geocache, though.
  9. It's also been mentioned that anyone with stalker concerns would be foolish to log their finds immediately from the field. If someone doesn't want to make their logs visible on the cache page (to prevent people from googling their entries) why bother logging the finds at all? If it's for the cache owner, you could just send an email. Would it just be for your GC friends? Does anyone really have more than a few GC friends who would care at all about what you have found? Presumably you have real-life contact with these people if you are that concerned about internet privacy, so just talk to them IRL.
  10. This doesn't answer your question at all... but I totally agree with the last poster who mentioned biking! It will severely limit your cache count, but if the cache density is low where you live this is actually a good thing. I went crazy when I moved to my new town in Missouri and cleared out almost all the caches close to home in a short time. Now I'm trying to fill in my date grid and I have to drive a long ways to make a sure find. Anyway, I'm straying from the point. I moved away to college a year after I started caching. I didn't have a car, but I was still able to cache by biking and running (and occasionally taking the train, I was in a city). I can totally empathize with your situation. My family tolerates my caching, but they get annoyed easily, especially if we don't find the cache quickly. It's best to choose easy, non-micro caches when we're together.
  11. I personally don't care that my information is public here. I can see why people would want to hide their find history and their photo gallery, however. The thing that annoys the most about my photo gallery being visible is all the travel bug photos I post. Nice for the TB owners, but really just clutter for my page. I don't really get the arguments for hiding your find count. Yes, the "it's not about the numbers" argument is a valid one, but I don't see the significance of hiding your find count. If you don't care about the numbers, why do you care if others see your find count? If you say that it influences the way others play the game, fair enough, but they are more concerned with their own numbers, not yours. If they are competing with other cacher find counts then removing your stats will do nothing since they will just be shooting for the numbers they actually CAN see. The only effective solution would be to remove find counts from everybody's profile, but there are too many people who like the stats or are indifferent.
  12. I like the DD MM.mmm format, but that's probably just because I'm used to it. I DO get really annoyed when I try to plot geocache waypoints in ArcGIS though. The program really doesn't like that format, so I had to convert everything to DD.ddddd. I ended up doing all the conversions in Excel and everything worked out alright. But seriously, shouldn't ArcGIS be able to work with any coordinate format easily? Seems like a pretty stupid limitation.
  13. # Micro * 824 (44.88%) # Regular * 490 (26.69%) # Small * 383 (20.86%) # Not chosen * 58 (3.16%) # Other * 36 (1.96%) # Virtual * 35 (1.91%) # Large 10 (0.54%) "Not chosen" are almost always micro or nano, so they could probably be lumped in with the others. Micro is up at the top, but at least I have found more regular and small combined than micro. I lived in the city of St. Louis for 4 years, so that contributed to the micro count. There are many more micros in SW Ohio, though, where I had most of my finds in 2005 and 2006. It's kind of out of control.
  14. I own 11 geocaches between those I have hidden since 2005 and a couple adopted ones. I haven't had to archive any of them. Only one of the caches could really be considered an urban hide (though its way out in suburbia... anyway) which I think helps. I've had to replace a couple of them more than once, but it's not like it's a chore. A big part of that is keeping your hides to a manageable number. Some people have a lot of free time and can maintain 100+ hides, but I'm not one of them. I haven't hidden a cache since 2007, but I've been thinking about placing a new hide since I moved away for school.
  15. Thank you for this tip. I made a Feedback site post requesting this to be moved or removed but apparently not many people despised it like me. I think it was deleted.
  16. This annoys me so much. Did anyone ever find a solution? Sorry to resurrect a dead thread.
  17. I'd offer to help but I've already completed it
  18. I'd like to see this too. I added it to the feedback site yesterday. http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/75775-geocaching-com/suggestions/1317401-move-favorites-box-on-log-confirmation-page?ref=title
  19. New maps and statistics look good. One complaint: On the log confirmation page, the reminder for how many finds I need until I earn another favorite vote is annoying. They should be moved below the log entry text. I have so many finds, that I don't care how many more I need to get another favorite vote... I'm never going to use all the ones I've accumulated so far. Edit- Feedback'd http://feedback.geocaching.com/forums/75775-geocaching-com/suggestions/1317401-move-favorites-box-on-log-confirmation-page?ref=title
  20. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. The poster would be for a section meeting of the Geological Society of America. I would expect they already know a thing or two about earthcaches Does anyone else have any examples of a earthcaches with good hands-on activities?
  21. I'm considering presenting a poster on Earthcaches at a geologic conference. It will be in a Geoscience Education session. Rather than just explaining what an Earthcache is (it's been done before) I want to present on how to maximize the EC impact. I'm especially interested in how to reach the younger age groups (12-18). How do you find a balance between presenting science and appealing to teenagers? I would definitely like to hear the opinions on this board.
  22. See this video for a good idea of what the flight will be like http://vimeo.com/15091562 Their balloon went 19 miles up, but it landed only 25 miles away. So I guess there is a possibility this will end up in the ocean, but probably not. Great idea guys!
  23. I can sympathize with your sentiments, but to be fair calling someone a xyz-nazi has kind of entered the english vernacular... as popularized by the seinfeld soup-nazi. I haven't done any research... what is the official reason for closing off the area? Environmental impact?
  24. I've seen one person create an alias for all his/her puzzle caches. It added some extra mystery to the mystery caches, I guess. Maybe he/she just didn't want to be bothered with questions.
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