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  1. Yep...it is FROZEN IN TIME! Large and small objects and people have been frozen in time. Look for them where you eat and play. This cache is an around the world cache. You must locate a fiberglass figure, like Bob's Big Boy. It can be anything that is being used as a display. Usually they are associated with a store or restaurant. I have seen a Large Green Dragon, Amish People, Paul Bunyon and his Ox, A Large pretzel (The Coordinates associated with this cache are for the large pretzel) etc. To Get credit you must locate any type of item as described, Take an photo with your GPS in the shot (no old vacation photos or internet downloads), Give the Coordinates, describe what the item is used for (The large pretzel is in front of the oldest pretzel bakery in America) describe its size and make up (the pretzel is about 4 feet tall and 6 feet across and appears to be made of fiberglass) And add anything interesting about the Figure. Only one person can get credit for each item and coordinates, only one log per person, and the same item can not be logged as a cache elsewhere. OOOOOHHH SOOOOOOOO Many Horses & cows have been frozen that I need to exclude them from finds starting 9-01-02 Please continue to look for other unique frozen figures. No more horse or cows unless they are part of an unusual display. Thanks
  2. It's not a virtual, its a locationless. Geocaching.com is down right now or I could tell you the exact name, but it was something like, Frozen in Time. I'll try to post again when the site is back up! I hope this helps.
  3. Keep us posted! We would like to order 10! Thanks! 1 for each of the family to collect and keep and the others to set out in caches!
  4. I'm right here if noone has taken you up on the offer! I noticed 31 views of this post, so I'm sure someone is already helping you out, but our family would be happy to help! Lisa
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