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  1. The Romans had 'pens' (styli) that wrote by leaving behind a thin line of lead... I've heard it said that cuneiform is awl-write. Now that's just awl- full
  2. Pre ride Scooter check list Brakes and lights check tires check Cut down 50 cal check Twin RPGs check Com system check Say hello to my little friends Thunder Now BulldogBlitz you have to ask your self Do you feel lucky, Now do you
  3. Peddle faster Dad peddle faster Jacks 30 pounds of dynamite in a 5 pound package
  4. Well for hiding in a cache in a cemetery or any were for that matter. You can't go wrong useing the three commons. Commonsense Common-curtsy and Common-decency To bad there not as common as they should be.
  5. I was talking to a land owner about setting up a cache on his property. And he asked a very good question. What is his liability if some one gets hurt looking for it wile on is his property? And what of the CO? Does any one here know?
  6. Nice bike! Oh... but you're riding down the wrong side of the road! (J/K) No he riding on the OZ side of the road
  7. Those can be a lot of fun, and are a great way to create a "good evil" hide. (A needle-in-a-haystack cache is a classic "bad evil" hide.) But I think there would need to be something else going on ("specialized knowledge, skills, or equipment") before it really reaches 5-star difficulty. Be careful with the decoy though. I've seen decoy caches with laminated "keep looking" notes acquire "replacement logs". Those "replacement logs" then acquired many signatures before the cache owner figured out what was going on. I think the best decoy is one that is clearly not a container, or is a container that has been doctored so that it can no longer contain a "replacement log". So rubber chickens and green painted duck decoy are fair game
  8. This work with scooters and motorcycles as well ( Only riders know why dogs stick there heads out car windows) ( by unknown)
  9. Oh I have few but you know the old story If I told you I would have to you know In a place with little or no muggle traffic you could place a container close by that sticks out a bit . They will go to it first thing shaking the heads on such a poor hide. When opened they will find a note saying Hi I am a red herring good luck with the hunt now put me back. With maybe a clue added to the note.
  10. Oh yea the big Ruck is a sweet scoot I wish I could get my hands on one. Hang in there W7WT DE N8QJU 73
  11. Oh I hear you on back problems. I also have a bum hip an knee that why I am riding scooter need the step thou . I just use caching as another good reason to ride
  12. As you can guess from my nick I ride a scooter. Just wanting to see if any one else is on two wheels be it bicycle scooter or motorcycle. Its all about the ride and not what you ride that counts. My ride is a 09 Kymco Grand Vista 250cc The reason I like it for cache hunting is its a blast to ride and gets 70 MPG. So what do you like about cache hunting on two wheels?
  13. It's not an issue of permission, it's a question of responsibility. Needlessly trampling landscaping is irresponsible behavior whether or not the cache has express permission. +1 If you cant slip in and slip out and leave little or no trace you shouldn't be out there.
  14. No. But if a skunk and a dead animal were both looking for the same cache in the woods, would it make a sound? The Skunk yes the dead animal no
  15. Cant say that I have. But my little friend here Cookie well not so little now she weighs in now at a good eight pound. bathes regular.
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