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  1. After reading this post. I now see why geo-cachers are not allowed at the Highland games in Scotland
  2. Well most often there is a reason for the all the hoops. At one time or another they or someone they heard of got bit on the butt. If they give and official ok to a event. There butts are on the line and now have to be legally covered. Sad but true these days you can sue any one for just about any thing.
  3. Did I read this right ? You don't care about the environment you just live in it . Here's and old school thought. If your not part of the solution your part of the problem
  4. Acronyms can have more than one meaning Swag Scientific Wild @ss Guess Can you name some more?
  5. Oh I found some odd things all right I can't list them because this is a family site
  6. The wise sage Pogo said We have met the enemy and they are us Oh and did some say bacon?
  7. Most likely a power cache was not publish because it didn't comply with the rules. And then the local rumor mill started spewing that all power caches are banned.
  8. Oh I think we have learned one thing today. That you sir are a trolling for something . For what only you know.
  9. I think I will have a tee shirt made that reads Geo-Cacher Eccentric But harmless
  10. Almost certainly a bot. No human can log multiple finds per minute. Ahhh, I didn't think of it that way... I looked at where the user in question started, recognized the name and several others from the forums, including me, and saw a pattern. Now that you mention it, all the finds came in under 2 minutes. The twerp that programmed it really needs to discover girls or rediscover his nintendo. And moving out of his moms basement and getting some fresh air wouldn't hurt.
  11. I will use the three commons Common sense Common courtesy Common decency
  12. Well some of the sat views are old. I log a micro in the parking lot of a big box hard ware store. The sat view pic still showed it as a corn field.
  13. Perhaps your feeling of entitlement is what's keeping you from having fun, rather than the actions of others. Or perhaps some pick up on sarcastic parody faster than others
  14. Next we will hear of some poor soul Who had to dig thew a ammo box full of hundred dollar bills only to find a dry log book. OH the horrors
  15. Not sure about Ohio and your 23 finds... but here in North Texas there are a great diverse amount of all types of hides. Sure some are better than others but all in all I think there are a good number of all types of hides. All you have to do is pick and choose the ones you want to find. If you don't like LPC's dont look for them. Would have to say I dont agree. Yes but I waited till I had 31 post in stead of one before I went on the whining warpath
  16. I am shocked shocked I tell you at all the black and green camo tape being used. Instead of the green and black. And all of these caches that expect you to walk in the woods When there all of throes perfectly good lamp posts. Just begging for a haft closed zip lock bag with a log in it. To be put under there skirts in parking lots all over the place. I am telling you this hobby is going straight to H in a hand basket. Ok who's with me on this
  17. Apparently you not the first there is a song. I see a bad moon rising
  18. Do you have a flash light? Why yes I do. Well turn it on. Click See I told you it was bear scat. Yes you were right to bad we were so wrapped up arguing about the scat on the ground That we didn't see the bear that ate us coming.
  19. Thanks I was hopeing it would be something along throes lines. Its staffed by volunteers and open one day a week for a few hours and by request.
  20. I have a spot lined up for a cache and its on the grounds of a local nonprofit museum. Is it ok to add the days and times it is open in the log to give the museum a plug as a thank you.
  21. In another hobby Ham Radio I have logged contacts with two Shuttle missions and one with the station . Can I claim a crew member as part of my cache team and have them sine the log for the find?
  22. And as we speak there is still a raging augment that because they crashed and had to be picked up. They can't count the finds on the third rock from that sun. There are pyramid micros all over the place. And so they didn't beat the old record. What? You think UFOs come here for the view its all about the numbers.
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