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  1. Let the guide line interpretations posts begin. Said wile ducking for cover.
  2. Well it looks like some one did make a attempt. Or at lest claims to. More PR for Gocaching I am surprised no one wants to have it archived for a host of reasons. You know how folks can be interpreting the guidelines.
  3. Could it be the CO didn't read the guidelines close enough and you need a pointy object to dig it up ?
  4. Well at this time a 2.5 hour down load is not in the cards for me.
  5. Now this is starting to get interesting. Now it would seem the CO needs to check the log to confirm or deny it.
  6. And I take it the caches will be only temporary for the event and will be pulled after its over? I can just see soggy logs in there future if there not
  7. Ho hum another one with no life sad really.
  8. Had to give it up due to causing to many fake Big Foot sitings
  9. Another thing folks seem to forget is Google Earth/Google Maps are some what dated Had a Google sat map show a cache in the middle of a corn field. When in fact it was a skirt lifter in a parking lot that has been there for two years.
  10. Not at all see my mission statement below
  11. If this were India you would be just getting started You would have to include a family of five and the family dog or be called a piker. Nice looking ride
  12. Well I have nothing to add on hording. But as a new cache hider hats off to the FTFers. These wonderfully eccentric folks who have the tech and time. To go charging out at all hours and in all kinds of weather. Its from there comments and how long it takes to find or not . That's been a real help to me on how I will set up new caches. They keep me on my toes. And hopefully I can return the favor.
  13. And you didn't notice his spelling of Baudet instead of Baudot... I hope this was an early version of the file... I see some things that I read were fixed already. Doug 7rxc 73 Oh a typo like you leaving off VE on your call hey it happens.
  14. Just a heads up. The most common Morse code. Is international Morse there are a hand full of others that differ some what from it. And its meant to be read with your ears. If you haven't guessed I am Ham operator and still use it.
  15. Well I find the right kind of pet can be a big help. For some reason folks give my cat a wide berth.
  16. It all ways nice to have a little help from your friends. Say hello to my little friends
  17. So wile every one is watching the flying dog you go in for the cache sweet
  18. So its the forbidden happy dance that is not fit for the eyes of civilize man . Your statement is a trick. For no man is truly civilized. At least that's what my wife tells me. What women call civilized and what men call it is one topic I don't think I would touch with a ten foot pole
  19. i was thoroughly astounded to find an empty log book. it was an FTF by accident. So you know my problem first hand
  20. So its the forbidden happy dance that is not fit for the eyes of civilize man .
  21. I just found a cache that I was the FTF. I filled in the log and put it back. Then I found myself at a loss. Just what is appropriate FTF behavior? Here a list that ran through my mind. Pumping fist in the air Thumping chest Low pitch hoots Look around to be sure no one was around and do the forbidden happy dance that is not fit for the eyes of civilize man . So just what is appropriate behavior for this situation? Better yet what did you do on your first FTF
  22. Wish we could add 1 point to the find for every bag hauled out. But there would be no way to keep track of it.
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