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  1. One thing some are missing here. The non english speaking cache finder, Had to at some point translate the cache page to there native language to be able to find it. As a co I would be pleased they took that effort. And in this case turn about is fair play. And I would have no problem with using Google to translate there log. I would cut and past the translation in a note along with the original text.
  2. Its a case of we have met the enemy and he is us. All it took was one person saying. I got mine and the heck with any one else. There just guidelines not rules after all. And I will play it any way I want to. To ruin things for every one. We need to remember that. Are individual actions can have a negative impact on the whole community. Trust is hard earned and easily lost
  3. Ok How much nit can a nitpicker pick when a nitpicker starts to pick nit?
  4. As to quote wars. Many times they just turn in to whizzing matches. My Grand daddy always said son no one wins in a whizzing contest. Both party's come away wet angry and smelling funny. And if you seen one you have seen them all. They are at best boring to watch.
  5. Now that would be one tough hide! Possum on the half-shell, or up-armored road kill? Depends on how soon you find it after its been hit
  6. Ground level winds started out from the NE now winds aloft are moving it east. Not uncommon. For a better look zoom in on the map.
  7. And request any and all account information of the cache owner. If you have ever been a Premium Member you left a nice paper trail for them.
  8. And the uses of a rubber chicken is no longer needed unless you want to.
  9. Lacking any thing better to call it . The Delaware bug seems to pop up for folks who are using phones. When you have many different platforms to deal with bugs can slip in. And it could take some time to sort it out. I have to chuckle at what seems to be two very vocal groups at different ends of the scale. On the topic of souvenirs One acts like there being held at gun point and are having them rammed down there throats Its I don't want them! I don't want them !I don't want them! On the other end its I want them now! Better yet last Tuesday. I want them now! I want them now all of them! My view is they don't take money out of my pocket. Or time out of my day. They will get here when they get here. And if some how they don't no big deal.
  10. So what? I don't know the details of that, and it is none of my business. Perhaps he has two accounts. Not the first time its happened. The guy comes here and wants to discuss permission issues. He has that right. Wile they have a right to discuss any thing they want but not here. No one has a right to post on a web forum . It called hosting a web site that means we are guests until we ware out are welcome. Please reread the terms of agreement. Posts can be deleted and members banned at any time and for any reason.
  11. Now the next question is how many are willing to admit they are old enough. As to not need to do much if any searching to know most of the answers
  12. I believe there intent is to follow the guidelines. The finale cache location may end up miles from the landing spot. Do to Groundspeaks guidelines. I doubt they went to all the trouble of planing the launch. Obtaining all the permissions and not have planed for the end game.
  13. Hats off to them should be fun. If any one want to learn more on this type of launch. Just run a search on Ham radio Balloon flights. You can pick up interesting nuts and bolts info. I was on a RDF radio direction finding, team for a launch from IND. back in 89.
  14. Did any one quoting US law take the time to see were the OP was from?
  15. This is and easy one I cache on two wheels. A Kymco Grand Vista 250cc scooter.
  16. If Garmins site takes off I wonder how the two will keep caches from being placed to close to each other in high cache count aeras. I can see a range war in the making.
  17. That what I want the little ones for so they can deck out the can
  18. Sounds like fun. I wonder if my neighbor will loan me there little ones
  19. Putting the meanings and or intent of the rules / guideline aside . If a test showed up tomorrow how many here would be willing to take it.?
  20. There is one fly in the ointment with a test. Ask ten people here what the rule/ guidelines mean you will get ten different answers. Maybe we should all take the test that way we can all be on equal footing. It wont put and end to the augments but it will put us on equal footing.
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