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  1. I also went to renew my premium membership, but as there is no option for a non-recurring subscription, I decided not to renew it. I know that you can cancel annual membership at any time, but there seems to be no option to cancel the auto renewal without also cancelling the membership - the only option is to 'cancel membership' (without a refund, unless you specifically request one withing 30 days of the initial payment). I agree that this has clearly been done in the hope that the 'inertia factor' will just keep the subscriptions coming in. However, there are many like me who will never purchase an auto renewing subscription and so this may end up reducing their revenue rather than increasing it. If a sufficient number of members have the collective will to withhold subscription renewals, then Groundspeak may think again and reinstate the non-recurring premium memberships. Geocaching is, after all, a recreational activity and not a basic necessity of life.
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