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  1. Another comment (by his wife) that didn't get added...If this is permissible on this site... you can send soldiers packages and/or letters to show your support through anysoldier.com. We have sent many packages this way. Take a look at the site-pretty awesome! Thank you.
  2. Just a comment (by his wife)..."The Cache" - It was what it was when you found it in Iraq - something very special and unique. You should be very proud. Our son is in Iraq right now and it made me look up geocaches there. I was very surprised to actually see that they are there! Anyhow, now that the cache is here (in Texas from what I think I understand), I think that people back home are looking at it as very special and unique! This cache has been to someplace where most of us will never be and has been touched by fellow geocachers that are soldiers! To me, this would make one feel proud! It just makes it something very special to share!! That's my take on it anyhow. I've been reading about your caches JeepDog. I've been looking for a good hide idea for our son to look for when he has his 2 weeks in June. He needs something pretty challenging!! But, I understand what you are saying and feel very sad that there are those who would not have that kind of respect for somthing like this. Thanks!
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