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  1. Congrats! I'd be interesting seeing that challenge if it exists (as IRC there are only a few countries in the world where such a feat is possible). Btw I noticed while planning for my own trip that there are three mysteries and one trad for VCS- which one is the easiest to find if I may ask? Looks like one can do the puzzles pretty easily at home but geocaching probably won't be my priority if I'm only in Rome for a weekend, but I do want to mace sure I get a new country of course. Mr. Terratin solved the three mysteries in VCS, thus I'm not sure how difficult they were. They are mostly placed a bit outside the usual tourist routes. The traditional is very easy to pick up and you don't need to queue to get it as it's placed outside the State walls (still on VCS territory if I can trust google maps). On the way to it you could pick up the one about the Vatican railway. Quite funny when you realize they do actually have a railway line. Need to check what the country challenge is. It's certainly in Denmark somewhere. Mrs. Terratin I was recently in Europe for 3 weeks & collected 7 countries. However, only 6 country souvenirs show on my profile page...I did not receive one from Italy - anyone know the reason why?
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