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  1. Cool piece of work here. I do have a slight glitch in that not all the icons show on the pda with some coming out as blue dots. Any ideas?
  2. shame the generator doesn't include a spell checker
  3. Quite funny this comment as I was offered the Web Managers job there in the summer. Every Local Authority is supposed to provide a similar service by the end of December 2005. So everyone should have access to local area high definition mapping. Mick
  4. As part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's guideline for e_government. All local authorities have to provide online mapping services to aid their citizens. Rotherham is well ahead of the game here. We have just implemented our GIS solution to this problem. It can be found here ROAM It provides large scale OS maps for Rotherham & the surrounding areas. Inside the borough more details maps are available. Feel free to use at your pleasure. Let us know your comments. Also please post your local authorities solutions, we could see an end to memory map. We will be hopefully implementing a Geocaching layer shortly available to a select few.
  5. You need a works phone then with unlimited data contract
  6. Before I start making my own does anyone have the authentic geocaching icons for use with memory map? I find using anchors & first aid symbols a bit pointless.
  7. I would always go for solidstate devices in mobile device. I have had a few microdrives, they get very hot & are unreliable at best. I bought 2, 2Gb cards for £40 each, thought I had a bit of a bargain, neither of them worked to any level of satisfaction. As moote said they don't like bumps (they are a hard drive after all). They also use more power on the whole than solidstate. But if you can pick one up cheap then give it a whirl. I, from previous experiences, wouldn't trust one.
  8. Stanwick is sat on my desk and has been for ages. We are looking for a good cache to place it in. Also introduced Arlo & Glad which have been around since mid-september.
  9. Young Padawan Eva from Team Rebel Alliance aka "The Amazing Caching Baby". Chris Edit for spelling
  10. We are a family caching team. My husband, 15 month old daughter and myself go caching together 99.9% of the time. Mick and Eva sometimes pick up a cache when they are on the way to pick me up from work. Cheers Chris
  11. Hi Andy and Kerry Unfortunately, 7pm is Eva's bedtime so we won't be able to make it which is a shame. It would have been nice to catch up with you again. Hope you enjoy your weekend. Cheers Chris, Mick and Eva
  12. A BIG congratulations to the God that is StevieP. He reached his 500th cache today with a mega 11 FTFs along the way! Well done Steve me old mucker - you definitely deserve a new t-shirt for that. Chris, Mick and Eva
  13. Glad to hear that some more white jeeps have arrived in England We had 3 white jeeps posted to us by friends in the USA. We have released 2 in the South Yorkshire area, the third is still sitting in our home office. The reason? One of the jeeps was picked up by a cacher who had visited the cache site before we left the jeep in it. They went back with the sole purpose of picking up the jeep (which is fair enough) BUT it has now been in their possession since 28 September - we have emailed the people concerned but as yet have not received a response . We are now seriously considering sending the 3rd jeep back to our friends - at least then it can get some mileage! Which was the whole point of our friends sending us the bloomin things in the first place. Rant over.
  14. Thanks Milton It is clear what the consumer laws say. But the guy at Garmin wouldn't even look up when the product was shipped against the serial number because 'he was doing me a favour'? When you are face to face with a retailer of goods I find it very easy to get my point across But across the phone they just fob you off. As a result of this I will find it very hard to make my next purchase a Garmin. I may even go back to OS & Silva
  15. I recently had a Garmin Etrex Venture purchased for me as a gift. The screen within a month began to corrupt but I thought it was intermittent. Then the click-stick started working only intermittently. After reading others posts on this forum I decided to contact customer support. In the first instance after a 25 minute wait I was told to reinstall the software, like I hadn't already done that! But I followed instructions. This solved the problem for 5 minutes So I rang again this morning and after a 30 minute wait was told that the unit can only be serviced under warranty with a proof of purchase. I accept this is normal but most quality vendors make allowances for this when the item is a gift. I have contacted the person who bought me this unit but they do not have the receipt. So I now have a sha**ed GPS that will cost £50+ to repair. But surely Garmin could earn kudos by fixing the problem under warranty. As a warning if anyone buys you a Garmin gps as a gift ask for the receipt as you will need it to return the dadgum thing before long!!!
  16. Well done to Dom and Helen on reaching your first 100 today at Excellent Ecclesall. Hope you made a "Team Stronggale hits 100" GeoTag for the occasion! Congratulation to Yorkypudding on reaching 300 too.
  17. The kind Avroair just mailed me 3 White Jeeps to set free in the UK. Will leave them in appropriately cool caches. So that is a few more in circulation over here.
  18. I concur with all other Force believers! Many a cache has been found using it when technology let us down It also useful for having a powerful effect on the weak-minded
  19. Just had to queue for half an hour in Sheffield. A large number fo fuel stations have 'run out' already So our trip to the west midlands this weekend is off. I do agree with the protests, but if the Government reduces fuel duty it will make up the funds from elsewhere! As a nation we do rely on fossil fuel to much, so this is perhaps a good thing
  20. try the dragon of wantley in google. Relates to the dragon of wharncliffe
  21. Heard about a mate who went treasure hunting at weekends (StrongGale) from another work mate. Looked up geocaching on the web and that was it. 200+ caches & a load of cash in hardware, petrol & wear & tear on the car in 4 months. I think we may be infected. Always loved maps, walking, countryside & getting into scrapes so geocaching seemed to fit the bill. Funny to think I can remember thinking we will never catch Dom up.
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