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  1. HDD magnets are great but can be troublesome to get the right size if you are using them for micros or small containers. They can be broken or cut but EXTREME care must be taken with appropriate safety equipment in place. If you do not know what that equipment is then you should not attempt to cut/ break them. Cutting/ breaking also diminishes their attractive properties but not to such a level that would have any great impact for caching containers normally. The fine dust that is generated during cutting is also HIGHLY flamable. I have always used hotglue of adhering magnets on the insides of objects, the only time you need anything stronger is if the magnet is attached to an object where it's magnetic proprtites are attracted to a responsive surface for any length of time. This link may help others with this sort of task if you are unsure: http://www.slotforum.com/forums/lofiversio...php/t12691.html
  2. Anyone want to buy a bag of litter?? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...0b&LID=15342414 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...12&LID=15294645
  3. I was also in the FTF find group. The cache is very challenging but as long as common sense is applied it is a great cache. I felt safer doing down under earlier in the week than another cache I have done recently where one slip could have resulted in a serious injury and that slip very nearly happened once or twice. I was there this morning when the second group exited the cave. Following on from our resident "expert"'s comments earlier in the week regarding the site being an sssi I was amazed that an entire black bin bag of rubbish was removed from said cave. Although not that amazed as we had witnessed the state of the cave earlier. Perhaps it should have been set as a CITO event To reiterate this cache is 5/5, it is difficult and should be approached with respect, planning and preparation. But isn't that the case with all outdoor activities?
  4. Have a good break dude. I would suggest placing some new caches but that lacto is a bit strict [] Mick, Chris & Eva
  5. I have had dealings with mods in regards cache placement. One of them advised on the correct way, according to the guidelines, of placing the cache and why the virtual state was not permitted. Which I appreciated as it was early on in our foray into this hobby. They do a decent job with little or no thanks. Keep up the good work of applying common sense to difficult situations. Mick, Chris & Eva
  6. We have dropped our IPAQ a few times. It once bounced out of the car on to the hard concrete of a car park, no problems. But then it does only go outdoors in an otterbox. These items are well worth the cost, you could look at it as 'insurance' that actually delivers!
  7. Most PDA's begin to struggle around 0 degrees Centigrade and below. I have had ours running at around -5 but it was sluggish at best.
  8. For ultimate PDA protection get an otterbox. Been caching with our PDA & otterbox for a while now with lots of drops, bangs, wet weather. The PDA is still as good as new. PDA's can be a little 'tempremental' but paper can get wet, or even worse blow away. It must be noted that some PDA's struggle below freezing. As a new starter I would go for a handheld dedicated GPSr unit and see how you get on from there.
  9. Congratulations Mike & Kev on your respective milestones.
  10. Hi I have one of the aforementioned otterbox 1900. There is a rubber bung at the base of the box that you can take in & out to allow access to the connector at the bottom of your PDA. Our IPAQ never leaves it's box! Hope this helps.
  11. Congratulations on hitting 900 today. Soon be the big M
  12. Just wanted to post a thank you to Ralph and Sarah for organising this event for us all. We had a brilliant time and a brilliant start to the New Year. Happy New Year Chris (Mrs Rebel Alliance)
  13. Eva will be opening her pressies then we are out placing caches. Might try to grab a few on our travels as well.
  14. Is that telling Ageinghippy what he's doing Looks that way :lol Perhaps you should change your name to Madam Yorkypudding
  15. Thanks Steve. Don't know what happened to my link. It's a shame that you can't make it. Chris (Mrs Rebel Alliance)
  16. After the brilliant event held by Black Pigs on Saturday, I can't wait to meet you all again on New Years Day at this event Start as you Mean to go on GCRD26. Looks like there are some lovely new caches to deflower on the day too! Thanks Poppy Walkers for organising this event. Chris (Mrs Rebel Alliance) Edited as the link did not work - doh
  17. We would definitely be interested - it would have to be a child friendly pub though. Thanks for setting this up. Chris (Mrs Rebel Alliance)
  18. Try this for your compatibility issues Otterbox 1900 Compatibility list
  19. Buy an otterbox 1900 & use your PDA all the time. The case is brilliant & otterboxes customer support is great. You may have to check that your pda fits the case but most do. Our brand new PDA has been dropped loads & still works like new. You can pick up the case for around £50 from http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk/...x+1900&x=11&y=6
  20. Well said moote. After being an atheist for many years, last week I decided to become a polytheist for a change, as did a number of my workmates. It is working out quite well. Although our HR dept don't seem to accept that every Monday & Friday are obviously festival days of one of the many gods I now beleive in. An example of this new found faith, we all said a little prayer to the god of new desks, lo & behold the next day we all had new desks! Now thats a religion I can deal with. Tomorrow is the celebration day of the god of extreme weather warnings! We only apparently have a 40% chance of celebrating this day where we live. Hope you all enjoy the day and don't get too snowed in!
  21. It would appear to only be icons that show the presence of a TB, that end up showing the blue dot. Has anyone else found this?
  22. That is how mine reads moote? Without the capitalisation of the namespace of course. I do the same as pengy&tigger & filter for available caches only before doing an export. The dots do not show on the PC only the IPAQ I can manually change the icons on the IPAQ but this sort of defeats the object.
  23. calderdales looks like the same app! Just a different style applied
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