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  1. Note to self - always take a fire extinguisher to any Rebel Alliance events Didn't need fire extinguishers at the 2nd Sheffield Event back in July. To say that some of the attendees got rained on is a little bit of an understatement. Must have been the heaviest downpour we had had all summer. I think some of 'em are still drying out - bless 'em! It was all good fun though - getting stuck in an electric storm and having to take shelter in a cow shed all adds to the geocaching experience I find. Apologies for going off topic. Chris Mrs Rebel Alliance
  2. I have to say this is something I struggle with and it is a little reassuring to know that I don't suffer alone. Not only do I not get credit for caches I have placed with my husband and daughter as part of a team, but to add insult to injury I organise events on my own (under our team name Rebel Alliance) but am still seen as a 'little woman'. My husband actually declares to everyone that he had zero input with any aspect of the organisation BUT people still insist on just thanking Mick for the event . All that bra burning doesn't seem to have done the trick Chris Mrs Rebel Alliance - an EQUAL member of a team
  3. Thanks thats the one. This thread needs closing please.
  4. We are planning on doing a couple of webcam caches this week. I recall a service you could text which would take a shot of you at the cam. Can't find it now I need it. Does anyone have the details please?
  5. Well done to Freakboy on hitting your milestone in Boston. Congratulations mate. Chris, Mick and Eva
  6. Congratulations to StevieP for Hitting 1000 and StrongGale for finally hitting 200.
  7. We use a PDA, and habe used it for over 24 hours. I find adjusting the brightness settings helps with battery life, as does regular charges when in the car. A great item I found the other week was a battery charger, £4 on e-Bay (I am sure someone will be able to get them cheaper ). This takes 4 AA batteries and charges the PDA whilst it is in use. The AA's will charge the PDA 4 times apparently. Hope this helps.
  8. The count is almost in. We are just waiting for confirmation from the rest in the team - but we reckon we found 76 caches yesterday with 3 team members hitting milestones along the way. I'm sure the others will update the thread when they have finished their count. Onwards and upwards Chris, Mrs Rebel Alliance
  9. well done on the records - particularly on the 10,000th!!!! Oops - you spotted the typo. I'm sure Steve will be chuffed with that result though Chris Mrs Rebel Alliance
  10. Yes, congratulations to the SYC Massive (South Yorkshire Caching Massive). The team consists of MikeG, StrongGale who bagged his 200th cache along the way - well done Dom, Rebel Alliance (well one third of us!) Mick bagged our 800th cache along the way and Mr P who got his 10000th. Well done lads - you've done South Yorkshire proud (Mike is originally from Sheffield ). I've got the kettle on ready for their return I might even run to a bacon butty for 'em all - though I have a feeling it will be sleeping bags all round and a night on our sofa/floor Chris and Eva - Mrs and Little Miss Rebel Alliance
  11. Yep, a big congratulations from us too. It was a brilliant day out - thanks for the champers and Eva says a big thank you for the fig rolls. Onwards and upwards Chris, Mick and Eva
  12. Congratulations Mike G on hitting your millenium. Well done mate. Onwards and Upwards
  13. Congratulations John & AC-P. Glad you didn't ring for help not at 1.40 am in any case.
  14. Steve released this bug at last years SY event, we were hoping it could find it's way back up north to visit this weekends shindig.
  15. 61 from the south of Sheffield since 1 May 2006. There are some new faces in there along with the usual suspects
  16. Surely someone has bumped into this TB this weekend
  17. A hearty well done to Gramps on his 900th find. 'Tis an honour to say that you deflowered 12 of our virgins to mark your milestone on and even better that we were there with you. Well done mate. Onwards and upwards. Chris, Mick and Eva
  18. A few South Yorkshire cachers reached milestones while on a raid in North Yorkshire this weekend. Well done to Butty Box Hunters - 100, the amazing Penguin Boys - 300 and KevW 800. Well done mates. Thanks also to the cache setters in the Richmond area where we 'sacked' this weekend - they were all toppers!
  19. Congratulations on your 500th find. Chris, Mick and Eva
  20. Congratulations Huge on 700 finds. Well done mate. Chris, Mick and Eva
  21. Congratulations Steve on your 800th find today. Well done mate.
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