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  1. Doesn't do that on mine? If I put a large image on, I get to see the large image. I reseized the images in the end as it was causing resource issues.
  2. Just getting back into caching. On getting out the old otterbox 1900 (that has protected my delicate ppc for over 5 years in all sorts of stupid situations) I found that the rubber had degraded and the hard screen protector would not seat correctly anymore. Now this unit owes us nothing, it has been worth every penny so I opted to just buy a new one. Only to find they no longer sell the 1900. I contacted otterbox asking why they no longer stocked them and apparently they have a newer/slimmer model. I explained my situation and the guy just said ' no problem we will replace the entire unit' I am that impressed with this level of customer service that I will be buying the new version of the case. So if you need to protect any delicate electronics out in the field. Have a look a the otterbox brand, great products, great customer service, great warranties, great value. Mick
  3. My IPAQ has a set amount of usable memory that is shared between installed apps athe running them. All my other apps I choose to install onto a memory card to take the strain of the onboard memory. But the Wherigo player does not give me the option. Is there a way to force the player to install to an sd card rather than internal memory?
  4. Looks like it is another emulator issue. Managed to resolve this one.
  5. You set it on the triggering event, drag across the 'move' action and then the character into it. The default location is none.
  6. I have built my first cart, it runs fine. It contains 22 zones (2 zones active at any one time). I have used urwigo as the dev environment. I did a field test this morning and all was well until about 5 minutes from the end of a 2 hour stroll. Now I don't want any technical hitch to affect people's enjoyment of this cart, so I decided to try to save the cart at regular intervals (on exit). I tried this earlier in the development of the cart as you get poisoned and only have 20 minutes to find a cure. Rather than the person having wasted their time I was going to give them a second chance, but this crashed the cart with a C stack overflow. Same happened this time, no matter where I place the save command it kills the cart in the emulator. I have built a small 6 zone (2 zones active at any one time) and this one works fine. Any thoughts on what could be causing this as it is stopping me publishing the cart? Thanks in advance.
  7. So on entry you set the character to visible? I would possibly set the character to visible when you first enter but then set the character visible property to false using the on exit event. If not you need to set a variable that is changed when the character dies and use that in an if statement to determine if the character is visible or not. Hope that helps.
  8. Ok, so I have a 20+ zone cart, it runs well. But I want to ensure that the people using it haven't been on a 2 hour walk only for it to die on them, and not be retrievable. To counter this, I have tried adding a save command in the 'on exit' event of each zone. This crashes the emulator even on the first zone due to a buffer over run. But when I try the same action on my 6 zone test cart it works fine on the emulator and in reality. Has anyone else experienced problems with the save command? I building the cart specifically for the PPC audience. Thanks Mick
  9. Thanks for the responses. @rangerfox, yep tried all those, I usually end up just having to restart. I also have a test cart for testing any in game logic. I did a walktest this morning and found a few glitches. Mainly with my unit (I think). It crashed twice when trying to save and also when using the scrollbar on an image? Whilst out I did a recording of the nmea datastream. That way I can test the compiled cart as if I were walking around but actually sat in my own home
  10. I have just about finished my first cartridge. The coding side was very easy and enjoyable thanks to the urwigo app. But testing in the emulator is a right pain. More often than not, the map gets in a state and will not allow me to move my little icon. Usually as I am about to get near to the end. The cart has 22 zones so it is getting to be a bit of a hinderance to test it in this fashion. Is there any other way to emulate a cartridge prior to a full field test?
  11. You sir are a star. Thanks again.
  12. Does anyone have any pointers on using inputs from users? I need to ask a question with 4 choices. Get an answer and then use that to determine which zone to activate. Or even just pointers for handling an input value. Thanks in advance.
  13. This is a great UI. A lot better than the default one. I started writing a cart when they first came out and gave up as the interface was so clunky. Just started on eusing this product and I am already half way through a 1.5 hour cart. Thanks for your hard work.
  14. Congratulations Steve. Chris, Mick, Eva, Isobel and Stitch
  15. Ey up to our fellow Sheffielders!!! We started caching when our first child was 10 months old and we did invest in a 'rucksack' as we call it. We bought all the gubbins that go with it, ie, the waterproof shield and sun shade, neck pillow etc. It cost about £170 in total but it has been worth EVERY single last penny. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's nice to know that we can walk any distance through any kind of terrain and know that the little one is safe and sound and protected. The ruck sack has got an enormous compartment to put nappies, wipes, snacks, spare clothing and all the 'just in case' clothes and tranclements that all parents need. I won't name the brand on here just in case I get into trouble. The oldest girl used it until she was around 2 1/2 - my hubby carried her in it from Ambleside up Kirkstone Pass and up Red Scree on an 8+mile walk at that age. It makes you fit if nothing else!!! We started caching with our second daughter when she was 22 hours old (on the way home from the hospital - sad or what???? ) and she has used the rucksack since the age of 6 moths. Prior to that we invested in a good baby sling. We go on some fairly serious walks over rough terrain (now the 3 year old can walk a decent distance) and both girls have loved being able to see what is going on around them and have a snooze whenever they feel like it. The 12 month old is now at the glorious clingy stage so the ruck sack comes in extremely handy around the house - she just gets popped into the ruck sack while I do the house work or hanging out the washing and she is as happy as Larry! There is a local outdoor shop especially for kids - I will pass the details on to you as they are excellent and extremely helpful. Send me an email through my profile and I will be happy to help you. All the best Chris Mrs Rebel Alliance
  16. It is very sad for the rest of us that our two excellent reviewers have had to take this course of action. BUT on the bright side, you'll have shed loads of time to go caching now. All the very best for the future and we hope to bump into you one day. Chris, Mick, Eva, Isobel and Stitch
  17. Harrogate sounds like a great option. Not only for the reasons stated by HH but for the sheer number of caches in the area. The Harrogate events are always extremely well organised and great fun. The weather is always fantastic too. Sadly, I won't be able to help out due to an ever expanding family, work and house moves. Good luck to the brave people who take up the organisation. Chris
  18. A big congratulations from us too. A mighty fine bonus of meeting Sir Steve too - I'm a tad envious . Well done Chris, Mick, Eva and Isobel
  19. We were all there for the 151 caches. Just happened that some of us found some as did others on the team. SO on other record attempts each member of the group found each cache individually? I know they carry out this type of thing in Japan (ask Huge). But whenever we have been out in a group, the group works as a team. Whilst on the subject does this set of self-appointed guidelines also prohibit the use of PAF? I know of one record setting trip where this was used comprehensively. As I was with the cacher who kept getting asked where caches where? I love this hobby it is such a fun and friendly environment.
  20. What a pair of slackers. You should try harder !!!! Surely you could have managed another 20? Mick
  21. I'm not sure, I don't think it was the fastest but, I or someone, will verify when they wake up.
  22. Well done to Huge on finding 151 (we think) caches in 23 hours and 29 minutes. Also congratulations to Freakboy who must have found pretty close to the record too on a great outing. Well done lads. If you want to relive the sleep deprivation, just give me a call and you can babysit Isobel for me! Three cheers for Hugo and Simon! Chris and Mick Kisses and cuddles from Eva and Isobel (not from us, we hear that you are a bit smelly at the moment )
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