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  1. Here is one site I found which says....


    You may geocode up to 25 addresses for pre-purchase evaluation purposes via this Test Drive page. If you need to evaluate a larger quantity of addresses, please sign up for a free EZ-Locate trial account (which includes 100 free geocodes).


    It is located at http://www.geocode.com/modules.php?name=TestDrive_Eagle


    Here is another one but it isn't quite as good.




    Hope this helps.

  2. Hi,

    I will be leaving here in early December for Yokohama, Japan and will take any TBs heading in that direction. Just let me know what LOCAL cache they are in or contact me by 10 Dec so I know how many I'll have. I will be there for several years and plan to find the 10 or 12 caches in the Tokyo area and anywhere else I travel.


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