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  1. I understand your frustration after following this thread for a few days. I am surprised by the answer from Magellan's tech support. I don't think the firmware is the problem. Showing topo lines is so basic that it has to work. Let me make two suggestions: 1. Turn on the 500 and try it one more time. Make sure you have the correct active map, and wait until you get a good initial satellite lock. I have noticed that, sometimes, without an initial lock, neither the topo lines nor the check box for the topo line show up. 2. If step 1 still fails, then my suggestion is to recreate the map on the PC. There is an off chance that one may have forgotten to check the "T" when creating the map. This is just to rule out that possibility. For the record, I do not have Topo 3D US. I have Topo Canada, which works perfectly on my E500 with both the old and new firmware. I believe Topo 3D US should work the same way. Clement
  2. Since the OP is relatively new to this game, let me add a few comments about this method. While it works, it may be confusing, becuase, with DR2, it only adds contour lines to the maps displayed on your GPS, but not on the PC screen (at least, I cannot make it appear there). Only some additional numbers appear, representing the elevation labels of the contour lines. I remember users of DR Europe reporting the same behaviour. However, if you do see the topo checkbox, and the estimated size of the generated map changes depending on whether the box is checked, then you have it working. I should add also that this method adds only the contour lines. The map still lacks other information, e.g., small rivers and lakes. I still believe that maps generated by Topo Canada is more useful for the OP's purpose. Clement
  3. Since you have a Merigold, you can generate maps for the same area, one using Mapsend Topo Canada, and the other using Direct Route, and load both maps into the SD card. You can then toggle between the two maps in the field. As previous posters have said, I believe you will find the Topo maps more useful off the main roads. Clement
  4. According to a messge in the newsgroup sci.geo.satellite-nav, code 14 of the secret menu allows you to change the setting of the thermometer and barometer in the Explorist 300 and 600. I have not try it because I do not have a 600.
  5. I did not try loading a map from mapsend S&D because the other posters have convinced me that loading directly a *.img file will freeze the eXplorist. It seems that all the Mapsend products that are compatible with the eXplorist ask for the serial number of the GPSr. If the serial number begins with a "1", mapsend generates a *.imi file, which can be directly loaded into the eXplorist. If the serial number begins with a "0", it generates a *.img file. Mapsend S&D does not ask for a serial number and it generates only *.img files. My solution? I grudgingly bought a copy of Mapsend Topo Canada from gpscity.ca.
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