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  1. quote:Originally posted by Jolly B Good:What about the guy a year or so ago who was actually taking photos off virutal caches taken by previous finders and doctoring them so it looked like HE had taken the photo and visited the cache. Now easier than ever!
  2. We know some of you in here have been waiting patiently for our little puzzle multi. We really appreciate your patience and your enthusiasm. To reward that patience and enthusiasm, well, we made a little cache. You can find it at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?id=24391 We hope you enjoy finding it as much as we enjoyed making it. [This message was edited by warm fuzzies on June 02, 2002 at 08:09 AM.]
  3. Actually, that's not even true. It's worse than that: when I log out, it takes me to the login screen with the "you are logged out" message in the top right corner. I log back in using my own username and it logs me in - but not as me! I'm still logged in as her; I didn't even notice the first two times.
  4. I'm not logged in as "warm fuzzies" over on geocaching.com, I'm logged in as "parkrrrr". "warm fuzzies" is my caching partner's account. I was logged in as her, logging today's finds, but I've tried twice to log out and log back in as myself; the forums just aren't noticing the change. I could, of course, restart my browser, and I will, but I thought someone might want to investigate anyway.
  5. quote:Originally posted by Tecmage (R&T): BTW, you might want to remove that link to the solution of the puzzle. Doh! That was pretty stupid, wasn't it? It wasn't really a link, of course, but it was probably still more information than was needed. It's gone. Sorry about that.
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