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  1. These are now sold. Thanks everyone!
  2. Ok, uploaded photos: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v224/madseason330/CE8DC397-B9B9-4493-A6C1-F5567F577E8C-1841-000000D9E05D706D.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v224/madseason330/979373E9-6472-4FC8-B978-4D3E2311E8E0-1841-000000D9D359611A.jpg So there is an unactivated dragonfly, and a bonus non-trackable (big circle one by the flip flops). Would anyone be willing to do $200 for the lot?
  3. Someone pointed out that it looks like I have more than 23. I currently don't have the coins accessible, so lets put this on hold until I can post a photo and definitive inventory this weekend. Thanks for your interest!
  4. Oh dear! Try this one: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=0d231c36-0734-4662-b26f-1c3c6b71380c&wid=dc0f73a9-e8b4-4f4c-b0c0-77efdf7b1009&ds=2 Then trackables -> trackables owned
  5. Hi all, I had started collecting coins, but financially it's not something I can keep doing. I have 23 coins that I'm hoping I can sell to one person. They are all brand new and were activated by me, so I can adopt them to you. My list is here under trackables -> trackables owned: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=0d231c36-0734-4662-b26f-1c3c6b71380c&wid=dc0f73a9-e8b4-4f4c-b0c0-77efdf7b1009&ds=2 It would be all the geocoins listed (not the travel tags or bugs). I can get a photo of them all this weekend to confirm I have the right count. Send me a message if you are interested and have an offer. Thanks!
  6. I searched for Corolla on the trackables page and found a likely suspect. Just sent them a message. Hope I found them!
  7. So it was 8:20 am on South St in Plymouth right before my turn to get on rt 3 north and I spotted a car with a TB decal! Never seen one before and to my disappointment I couldn't quite read the number (068W.....something?) Would love to log the find if anyone knows who this might be. It was a grey Corolla with Maine plates. I would have kept following but I was running late to work.
  8. Are these ones still around? Where do you buy them?
  9. Another downside to these types of caches is that they can be targets for TB thieves if they are easy to get to. (BTW, why the heck would anyone be a TB thief? What do you do with them?) The one I referenced before has either been freed but not logged, or it has gone to the great cache in the sky I had been watching the logs, and the most recent reports that all the trackables are gone.
  10. This is a trade thread that is quickly becoming a sales thread. Can we please keep it to trades so the thread isn't locked by Groundspeak. I understand your frustration, but as a new collector I only have $$ to trade If I had an extra, I'd help you out but I don't I think you are ok with your cash offer, it looks like the title to the thread is "Geocoin Trading, Wants, Offers..." which it looks like you're making an offer and expressing a geocoin want Oh, I wish I had $150 for a coin! I had recent posts for wants where I was asking to make a coin for cash trade though.
  11. This is a trade thread that is quickly becoming a sales thread. Can we please keep it to trades so the thread isn't locked by Groundspeak. I understand your frustration, but as a new collector I only have $$ to trade
  12. Ah - it was you who outbid me! Oooops! Sorry! keewee, this one is all yours to bid on if you want it: http://cgi.ebay.com/EARTH-TURTLE-OCEANIA-TAHITI-geocoin-GOLD-U-TRK-/170639223328?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item27bae3ea20#ht_1715wt_648 I won't battle you in the last minute, I promise! I'm holding out till the Bora Bora one appears
  13. Yeah, I was kinda thinking that if they were ever stolen, it would be great that the coin is registered to you. Then if it popped up on ebay you could promptly notify the police. Though hopefully I'd never run into this situation!
  14. Ooops! I searched but didn't see that one. Thanks for the link! Can I request a mod to delete this thread?
  15. I just started collecting a few coins and was curious about the pros and cons of activating vs not activating. It seems like a lot of traders advertise that their coins are unactivated. However, thus far I've been activating mine even though I don't think I'll be circulating them. I might show them to other cachers though, so I wanted to let them be discoverable. Is it not really worth activating them just for that? Does it devalue a coin to activate it?
  16. Ah - it was you who outbid me! Oooops! Sorry!
  17. I'm about to be the owner of an unactivated Earth Turtle Maui geocoin, and was wondering if there might be anyone who would want to trade their Bora Bora for the Maui? Send me a message
  18. Have you tried emailing the logger and asking them to remove the photo as it gives too much away? Chris Nah, I didn't want to make an issue of it with them.
  19. Anyone know if the new update allows you to just delete a picture, not a log? I have a really easy hide, and someone posted a photo of the cache, but not in it's hiding spot. However, the cache itself makes it obvious as to where it is hidden. It's not a huge deal, as it is supposed to be an easy find, but I'm a little bummed that the photo makes it that much easier. Although I do certainly see a lot of caches that have a photo of the cache in someone's log, just not right in it's hiding spot.
  20. Must be regional. I went to Target yesterday and they had it in the GPS section tagged at $149. rav_bunneh, you should buy them out! You could do well on ebay!
  21. Woah! Did you see that in a store? The website has it at $149 (well, at least the U.S. one does). I have a friend who is interested in starting geocaching, and I would love to point her in the direction of the $40 Magellan.
  22. Lieblweb, is the cacher making second visits to local caches for TBs? Is he/she getting them from far away and then dropping them in that one spot? In my situation, I'm torn because the cacher moved mine a good distance, but since the cache is constantly having additions, my bug has fallen by the wayside. I'm just hoping it doesn't go missing.
  23. Interesting question. I have a bug stuck in a similar sounding cache. It's so well stocked that no one picks my bug
  24. Thanks so much eseurat for explaining earth turtles to me! OK, so now that I have a better idea what to ask for, I was wondering if anyone is looking to sell 2009 ones, specifically Bora Bora or Maui? I'm interested in any from 2009 though.
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