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  1. I believe it is an American phenomenon creating competition out of anything - not just the classic physical and sports challenges and car races. We have TV shows which make a competition out of cooking, choosing a mate, designing clothes, cheerleading, shooting a gun, and the straw that broke the camel's back for me, competetive travel ("The Amazing Race"). It's not the destination, so why would you ever want to rush through the journey??? People start geocaching just for the sheer enjoyment. Then they meet people who brag about their number of finds and being first or getting the most in one day. Even non-competetive people (like me) get a little rush thinking about a challenge. Hope this gives you an American perspective. Cache on!
  2. http://www.vacationsmadeez4u.com/rw/view/1819
  3. A few months ago I saw an ad at gc.com for a gc cruise through a travel agent. Didn't bookmark it, but they are out there to be found.
  4. I find detailed stats boring. I write a few sentences about my favorite caches; over the years my profile has turned into a pretty long diatribe only a really bored person would read on a really rainy day. I keep adding to it, though, because its all the good reasons I continue to Geocache.
  5. I was really surprised to learn how many folks hate plastic baggies. I usually don't see the point to them but replace as found out of habit. If the baggie is worn, torn and holey I wrap the log tightly but don't bother zipping it shut. I carry spare baggies but rarely replace them, because they aren't really necessary. If the log is wet, I'd be sealing in the moisture. A lot of times the log in a baggie is damp but the inside of the container is dry. But they never became a pet peeve; just whatever. Anyways I guess I read the whole thread looking for my pet peeve but didn't see it - wrapping the log up so it takes the next finder a couple minutes to find the correct chronological spot to sign! Please replace the log with your date and signature visible, so the next finder knows quickly where to sign! For a couple years I have been folding over the typical 4-5 log sheets to the current page (as the cache container allows), making it quick and easy for the next finder to see where to sign. I hope the next cachers appreciate it. On one power-run, it got so tedious I gave up and started doing someone else's pet peeve - signing the log anywhere I saw an exposed blank spot. Sometimes I would swear the last finder was purposely trying to hide his/her signature from me. I also added a pad of small post-it notes to my cache kit to begin marking the current page in larger notebooks. I hope these small acts please COs and finders. We have a friendly group of all ages and walks of life and if I can make someone else's visit a little more pleasant, it's my pleasure.
  6. LOVE the challenge caches, they inspire me. However, solving puzzles is tedious and tiresome IMHO. It is dreadful having to look up sports stats when I have absolutely zero interest in sports. I usually don't include puzzle caches in my PQs for this reason, as the majority are the solving type. I for one would like to see them separated
  7. I agree with narcissa. Avoid the forums unless you need technical assistance. Don't engage with immature cachers or let them affect your enjoyment. Then get out there and cache your own cache. You find it, sign the log, thankyouverymuch and ~next~
  8. Wow - thanx a bunch for posting. I toss spare batteries around like spare pens. Used to, that is...
  9. Thanx - I laughed until I cried. I nominated it for that new thingy they're doing.
  10. I encountered this problem a couple weeks ago with eTrex Venture HC. Just wanted to add to NicoleLackey's 1.0.1 post - THEN run a new PQ!
  11. Hmmm...after reading this post, I think I'm going to make more of my caches PMO. It keeps the newbies away from areas where stealth is needed. Always makes me nervous when I get an "our first find" log - I usually go check for candy, newbie replacement technique or - a can of soda (which promptly exploded in a large cache, destroying everything). Just gotta get mylazyass up and go check on caches when I see low find counts...
  12. 1) Swine flu 2) Survivor Samoa (die, Russell, die!)
  13. I agree that most hints are useless. I have also come across hints that specify the location down to the quark. Of course this is useless because the cache migrates after each finder, and we don't replace it exactly where the hint says if we haven't used the hint. On a "waist high" cache, some dude I've never met must have arms twice as long as me and replaced the cache so high I couldn't reach it at 5'3". I had to jump up & down and fish it out with a stick. I logged that I replaced it "where women and children can reach it". Please, tall dudes, don't replace caches as high as you can reach!
  14. 2700+ finds, 20 of which were FTFs. Five of those were middle of the night flashlight hunts. Whatthehell was I thinking. I am humored by the mob of anxious FTF hounds who claim they don't like caching "with a mob", so they are all there at the crack of dawn. If ya' don't like caching with a mob, try getting the new caches like, the next day, or the next week, or the next month...
  15. My experience was with a newbie who hid a cache (a nice one, I might add) inside a fenced-off defunct trailer park. There were NOT any "No Tresspassing" signs on the fence, so I went around and got the cache. In my log I noted the presence of the 5' chainlink fence and the CO deleted my log. Apparently a "touchy" spot. Once he did that, it was war and I contaced our poor overworked reviewer. She just said she would watch it. A few weeks later a local GXer got questioned by the cops at the site and it was archived. With another local cache which is still active, I noted in my found log it was 30' from active railroad tracks. I wouldn't get too personal or involve the reviewer unless I was up to dealing with some bad karma. There are 1,000,001 ways you never thought of that people can get "even" with you - like stealing/muggling YOUR caches. Best to just stick to your "Nice one - TFTC" logs and forGodsakes, don't make any minor comment about anyone else or you may be dealing with a begrudged, overreacting, offensive psycho.
  16. Not really related, but interesting - tree with a penis! http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z177/Mi...61PenisTree.jpg
  17. Add me to the list. I thought it must've been my carpy internet connection. I clicked probably 10 or so times.
  18. Hmmm... doesn't anybuddy check the signatures against the on-line logs? I noticed a trend where a local cacher gets "confused" when he finds caches with similar names. He signs the log for "FunCache 1" then a week or so later logs online for "FunCache 2" that he found it last week but forgot to log it online. I have yet to hit the Delete button, but next time I see him I am going to make a little joke about his absentmindedness. I did delete a few non-signature logs recently and got one IRATE reply, the others never replied.
  19. OhGod, another one...
  20. Uhhhh, so what is it? It looks like a thermos wrapped in a towel...
  21. I found a cache last month that had a "pink" theme. It was the cutest cache - open it up and everything was pink. I was so tickled that I had two pink items in my swag bag! Last week we happened upon a "first aid" themed cache full of bandaids and huge gauze dressings. My "cache aid" kit contains some zippy bags and spare batteries. I don't mind bleeding in public any more. We didn't have anything themed to trade, so we just SL.
  22. I SL, sift through the goods, leave a big fart, then seal the cache quickly.
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