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  1. DOESE ANY ONE KNOW WERE TO GET THESE I CHECKED EBAY ALL I FOUND WERE PILL BOTTLES Ask a nurse. As a night shift nurse, I checked an average of 5-10 blood sugars every morning
  2. I had an aggressive land owner approach me once. I asked innocently "Do you cut all this grass?" They stammered and admitted "No, the county does". It was obvious then that they were just being a jerk. Threatened to call the sheriff, too. I said "Go ahead" as I got into my car. What are they going to report, that some fat nerd got real close to their fence? Sigh...
  3. This has been one of the most enjoyable threads I've read. When I started in 2005, I didn't have any priorities. I was just amazed that all these treasures were hidden in public, waiting to be discovered. I lived in a cache-rich area with both swamp walks and LPM, before paperless, so each one seemed more special. I quickly developed an aversion to parking lot shrub hunts, but didn't give up easily. How do you know it's a shrub hunt until you are at GZ? Maybe I don't do enough homework. I can't believe someone would drive up to a LPM at Wally's and refuse to sign the log! Anyways, I'm not picky about quality. I've done power trails and liked them. I've done tough ones and liked them. Quantity isn't so important to me either. Once I hit 300 I felt like a "real" cacher. I've passed on some that looked like an uncomfortable search area (homeless camp, nosey neighbors, etc.). Recently I've passed on some Earth Caches that required numerous steps/measurements or the CO seemed picky and threatened to delete logs for fill-in-the-blank. I developed a few goals along the way - which have been posted on my profile for years - some changed to "Accomplishments" We are traveling in an RV now and I'm enjoying adding states and Cache Across Americas to my list. The first couple years I begged my Significant Other to come with me. He's the indoorsy type. Not a priority any more. Now I prefer caching solo and look forward to my caching excursions/do anything I want days. When I take him along, he starts to whine after the fifth/sixth cache and I have to take him home. Thanx for the thread!
  4. I definitely prefer hopping off & on the Dual Sport to finding legal parking for a car and squeezing in & out of the little car door. I also like that I can leave the backpack on while riding the bike. I wear a visor/cap under my skid lid and leave the (cheap) helmet on to search. Don't like my drivin'? Stay off the sidewalk cuz that's where I often park. Get a lot closer to caches that way and I've become a pro at jumping curbs. U-turns are no problem with a little bike, but are a major headache for me when in the car. I know CR is cringing at all this, but I've yet to be ticketed for creative biking
  5. Imagine the restrictions it would have if it were in NORTH Korea.
  6. What you experienced was terrifying, for sure. Learn from it! Watch EVERY step, from the first one out of the car to the last one in (here's my scary story http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=be9e6116-cf88-4560-9697-0530e3d0774a ). Step ON rocks and logs, not over them. Get yourself some knee-high snake gaiters or snake boots. When I encounter bears or snakes, I reach for my camera, not a weapon. If you decide to carry, take the classes you need to do so legally and practice until you're comfortable. You have a right/duty to protect yourself and your family as a lone female traveler and you don't need to explain yourself to anyone. Cache on!
  7. I'll be hobbling along a few hundred yards behind billkat.
  8. I've often asked myself "WHY???" when seeing a "park closed" sign. What, the trees are sleeping? The trails are covered in pixie dust? The parking lot is recuperating? Dammlawyers...there always seems to be plenty of money for No-No signs.
  9. Well, that's one of the creepiest pics I've seen in a while...
  10. If I am able to dump some sand or leaves out, add a new log sheet, put something in a baggie, or replace a broken container, I will. I leave caches "as found or better". It doesn't matter if I know the CO, if s/he is ethical or shady, active or lazy, or needs to be taught a lesson. I think it is the right thing to do to leave things nicer for the next cacher. You do what you think is right.
  11. It was 100 degrees in Mojave on April 29th. We left April 30th. Plan on early morning caching - by afternoon you will be woozy even with the A/C on. And watch out for snakes, from the very first step you take out of the car. They can be alongside the road as well as hiding under bushes. Take it easy and have fun!
  12. I did a PT in Florida once and noticed the semi-famous people who did it just before me had missed signing quite a few of the logs. They didn't miss logging them online though. My opinion of these people dropped like a rock. It doesn't seem fair that someone can sit in the back of a Jeep, drink Diet Coke, and rack up numbers while I'm busting my arse to SL on every one. I wouldn't feel right doing it any other way though. It takes me days to do what others do in hours. Just enjoy your day, doing what you love. No need to rush or impress anyone but yourself.
  13. I noticed this too - and believe it happens consistently when changing from "portrait" to "landscape".
  14. Is anyone else worried about the mailman losing his job, doing all this extra stuff while on duty?
  15. Since you've already emailed him, I would re-log it under the September date. If he deletes it again, you'll have to involve the reviewer who published it.
  16. Very elementary school of you, like really...In life you will find it can take just one disturbed person NOT two. (Ten years as a constable showed me that fact) You are correct but in this case, from what has been stated, there seems to be more to it. Someone doesn't like Team Seek. The reason may be that they are doing something geocaching related which doesn't sit well with the other person(s). From Team Seek's own reply, they are very competitive. Myself, i don't see this as being an issue but seeing some of the responses in this very thread, it can indeed be for others. I forget the exact words, but Team Seek did reply earlier that they are "different" from most cachers in the area. Not sure what that might imply so i'm just throwing a couple of things out. Depending on the area they live, it could have something to do with religion, race, or an uncommon lifestyle choice that they have made. For example, there is a town near to us that used to be somewhat intolerant of anyone that wasn't light skinned. Things are changing of course but there's no doubt that some of the old timers have that same way of thinking. Some communities, for the most part, may be of a certain religion i suppose, and think that their's is the only one that people should practice. Same thing for lifestyle such as being gay. Many of the people, geocachers included, who reside in their area may be intolerant of one of these and for what ever reason, think it doesn't belong in their town. It could possibly be something else as well. Again, none of these should be an issue, especially when it comes to geocaching, but,, who knows! You can bet your sweet bippy that there are some people who are fanatical about these things. Please, it's clearly obvious that it is their behavior that is the root of the issue. They simply do not play well with others. They call the other cachers in their area Liars, cheats and snakes on their cache descriptions. They archive their caches because they don't like that people didn't find it in the way that they intended and then call those people out in the archive logs. In one of these replies I asked how many found logs they had deleted off or their caches, crickets. I remember a thread about a narrow bridge with cars whizzing by that they were at odds with the community over, and I remember another thread about a magnet cache 15 feet up a light pole that they were fighting with others about being wheelchair friendly, or not. They obviously have a world view that everything they do is right and everything that everyone else does is wrong and that the world must change to meet their standards. If anything, they are the discriminators, not the other way around. Of course, nothing that they do is justification for stealing caches. Thank you. That about covers it. I have found this thread to be the most interesting I've ever read here. Like "Fight Club" and "Beautiful Mind", mental illness and behavior disorders intrigue me.
  17. We started geocaching as a family activity. The others soon became less thrilled with it than I did. Now I prefer having the caches all to myself at my own sluggish pace. I really look forward to my time alone. The only time I'm insisting my parter come along to help is when we do the ET power trail in a month or two. Too much for one person to do all the driving, all the jumping and all the record-keeping. Cache your own cache!
  18. Central Park, definitely. You can take the subway from anywhere and pop out a few blocks from the park. When I was there I saw an episode of the "Dog Whisperer" being filmed!
  19. "...isn’t a traditional campground..." We have a place like that in Florida - it's called Caliente.
  20. I think they only come in grey.
  21. Is anyone else wondering what happened to the other six beers?
  22. I let mine lapse while I was doing a remodel on our hose, it was about a 6 month lapse if I remember Wow, it took you six months to remodel a hose? I just roll mine up willy-nilly.
  23. The cache owner has hosted 16 events. I would imagine the cache was stocked well when placed, but after 179 visits and the usual cachers who don't trade up or even, by the time you visited you would be lucky to find a marble. It's like that all over.
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