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  1. Oh yes, and also the quests were available all over the world - there wasn't a container to find.
  2. I did the Quests years ago and enjoyed them too. I think Challenge caches have taken their place. The big difference is the Quests didn't allow use of past finds, if I remember correctly - that's what made them fun and motivational. IDK computerspeak, so I'm of no use to you in that area.
  3. After nine DNFs, a cacher with over 90,000 "finds" logs two on an absent cache: Visiting from X. Enjoyed the hunt. Looks like this one might be MIA so I left a temporaary replacement until the CO can check up on it. SL. Thanks for the fun! and Visiting from X. Enjoyed the hunt. SL. Thanks for the fun!
  4. I didn't want to complain about the dead space, so I was glad to see someone else with a tiny screen make note of it. My netbook is a whopping 5" high. All I see when I log in is a bunch of empty space. Still avoiding adding anything to my profile page as it is too hard to deal with the miniscule amount of space given to work with (What is it, about five half-lines).
  5. The Original Can of Beans (OCB) has been restored and is making the rounds at events.
  6. eMail Headquarters - maybe they can go back in time and capture your list. In the future run a Pocket Query of the list and add it to your GSAK or just keep it as a file on your computer as back-up.
  7. Chances are, the finders logging "TFTC" aren't reading your description...
  8. First, I don't see why you feel the need to hide your geocaching activities from anyone. You're not doing anything wrong (are you?), and you are logging after the fact. I don't understand how it puts you at any risk to say you had a good, healthy time outdoors. Maybe you are just feeling vulnerable during this temporary transitional situation in your life. After reading the posts here, it does occur to me that strangers DO have access to a he-uge amount of information on us compared to most other sites. Our basic profile page allows access to photos, statistics every which-way, bookmarks of places we're going, travel habits, and events we plan to attend. The majority of info is historical so "why not", but one has to ask "why" display all this in public. The Will Attends and photos especially should be protected. Maybe take a hint from FaceSpace and MyBook and only display photos and Will Attends to "Friends".
  9. While I'm thinking of it, set the "Home" location on your car's GPS to the post office or police station in your town. If someone steals your car, they can't use the GPS to find your house and use the garage door opener to break in.
  10. mmmkay, anyone want to venture a guess at "suss"?
  11. http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z177/MidgetMom/IMG_0012_zpszejgwlfd.jpg Two lock n' lock containers inside.
  12. I've done the ET Highway and most of Route 66, plus many other PTs across the country. I love them and I'd do them all over again if I ever ran out of caches to find. "Three Card Monte" and "Leapfrogging" are confusing terms to me - it implies you skipped every third cache, or leaped over every other cache. I prefer "Swap & Drop". I am picking up, signing, and returning a log to each site. The cache owners are unable to check 2000 caches for signatures, so does it really matter which log is in which site? The CO doesn't expect it, so why would outsiders? Even those too cool to ever go near a PT preach the proper technique. The COs trust us to be honest about our finds. Those who aren't honest will know their finds are a lie and lose motivation to geocache anymore. I signed every freaking log, and someone on a team of four might've only found 1/4, but I really don't give a crap about anyone else's technique or numbers. I don't know why this is so tediously argued about here.
  13. What, you don't have a backup free "goat" account? Use it when you're afraid of retribution to post a kind request anonymously. A dead cache usually should be given a NM or two before a NA, to give the owner a chance to redeem him/herself. How much time do you have? There are tons of them out there. With the recent influx of App users, someone with 2 finds who posts a DNF probably DNFd due to inexperience. I don't usually filter out caches unless they have two+ larger-number finders who DNFd.
  14. I kinda wish there were an "Archive" button for lost trackables. I have one I renamed "DO NOT LOG UNLESS YOU SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES". It still gets a hit now & then from a list distributed in Portugal. I've deleted tons of logs with no response - apparently the fake loggers couldn't have cared less.
  15. Funny, they locked his account so he can't remove the links to the offensive videos on his face page.
  16. Don't be so quick to judge or LYAO. Chemotherapy is no treat and it is very important to try to maintain a semblance of a normal life. It may well be that a little geocaching gets him through the day. I can't say why he hasn't placed the microcoin but a little patience might be the better path here. Well, I see his excuse works with some people. And who's being judgy here?
  17. Sorry, but your eMail sounds preachy and arrogant. I'm surprised you had no shame in posting it here. You went to an event and participated in gossip about someone, then lectured them about something you HEARD??? I'm not a social genious, but I would never put myself in that position. [Edited by Moderator] Go and investigate - oh wait, you don't care for that type of hide. You have no proof what you heard is true. There is no rush to pick up archived caches. I remember taking months to pick up in the past. I have a few I need to pick up currently as we have been on the road lately. Just as they didn't harm anyone while they were active, they don't harm anyone while they are archived. I'll get to them when I get to them. We would all probably be shocked at the percentage of archived caches still in place around the country. You may consider a follow-up eMail apologizing for your impropriety and offer to help.
  18. Gosh. I wonder if anyone has done any studies on the health effects of getting your knickers twisted and spending all your time posting in an internet forum about cheating in a trivial game. You're welcome.
  19. Here's an article I found that gave me some insight on cheaters: http://health.yahoo.net/experts/dayinhealth/spotting-liar-health-effects-deception
  20. I'm flabbergasted at what otherwise upstanding, industrious, honorable people are thinking when they cheat at this game. I took a geocoin around the country for a friend; I groaned when it got a ride to Germany. A month later it went missing. Sad but true, we have become suspicious of German geocachers.
  21. OMG...What? Is it raining where ya'll live or something?
  22. Haha! I just filed one of these away in my signature item collection yesterday!
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