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  1. I think I'm past the point of wanting any more souvenirs. I have so many, and there is no way to sort them. It's just a chore to scroll down the page and see everything jumbled all together - states, megas, August games. The last few I got, I haven't even looked at/for yet.
  2. Put your PQ into GSAK (or get caches using map) and sort alphabetically with the "Placed by" column.
  3. If Santa should bring me a new computer this year, I will be able to use your kind advice. Otherwise the little netbook I love had its memory maxed out when updating to Windows 10 and I can't justify adding another program for just one application.
  4. Wow, I've never heard of such a thing. There have been times when I've groaned "oh, noooo" while rolling up to GZ i.e. a bush hunt in full public view. But those are rare times. It reminds me of the days when I was just starting out and most caches seemed unfindable. What a joy when they finally turned up! I learned persistence, sometimes to a fault. I didn't give up easily, even if it wasn't there to be found. The magnet strip inside the pipe that was mentioned seems more like a D3 or so to me...
  5. I'd like to be able to do ~anything~ to my profile page, but doing it with five little half-lines has made it nearly impossible. I consider my profile to be on hold indefinitely...
  6. Inferring that anyone who diligently maintains a pristine cache with a perfect description and coords is an abnormal and indecent person Wow! Is that what I said? Wow!
  7. How does that take the fun away? In many ways. We had a local greedy FTF hound we nicknamed "Shortypants". He was a very nice guy, but it was tough to warm up to him when he bragged at events that 97% of his finds were FTFs. I wouldn't want to be "That Guy". When placing a cache, we didn't add good swag just for Shortypants to snatch up. We asked the reviewer to publish after Shortypants' bedtime so working folks would have a chance at FTF. We also enjoyed publishing them when expecting foul weather from a nearby hurricane. I've never knowingly posted bad coords, but I'll bet the OPs area is full of new caches with bad coords that are corrected after their personal Shortypants has done his deed. It's human nature to not want to feed the trolls. Unfortunately others are affected too.
  8. I'll bite. How do you know the owner didn't throw down a new container? Maybe the throw-downer had the owner's permission? If you went to GZ, found a cache and signed a log, congratulations, you found the cache. Maybe the owner got sick of buying expensive containers that went missing so started using pill bottles or film cans. You just don't know. Would you rather spend an hour not finding it??? Many times I've found a cache and discovered while logging online that it was supposed to be Difficulty 4 or had a hint that didn't match what I found. This is just a hobby and diligently maintaining a pristine cache with a perfect description and coords just isn't a priority with most normal decent people. Lighten up, have fun, and leave caches a little better than you found them. That's all you can do to control other people's game. If you notice something, post a little note. Someone else might find it helpful. Cache on.
  9. Thanks. Security is mostly superstition. I went to a lot of bother to get my DNF stats to display "just right". While I'm complaining, I'll add that editing my profile using 5 little half lines is a farce. I haven't updated it in almost a year. Thanks again.
  10. It is a dangerous place you are headed, if you blindly believe you are entitled to all the benefits of a neighboring country. We recognize the differences, but don't insist Americans should have all of Canada's goodies.
  11. "Just Replace the Log". You probably don't mean to, but you come off as patronizing and impatient. I like to leave caches better than I found them, but I don't carry around 10 spare logs. I feel a bit like I'm stepping on the owner's toes maintaining his/her cache. Then there's what to do with the nasty moldy wet log. I don't really want it in my vehicle. I don't even want to touch it, let alone hold on to it for a couple weeks while the owner decides if they want me to mail it to them. I think if I did that with every yucky log, there would be several inches of them festering on my dashboard. I'm not very comfortable with removing all the proof of previous finders. The most recent unsignable log I found, I left in place and added a new one in a zippy, then logged a NM online. I can always take a picture with my GPS and post a NM. Sometimes all I have on me is my GPS and a pen. So I will continue doing what I do as my conscience dictates. Thanx for opening this up for discussion.
  12. Yes, it seems "Commercial". There was one like that down here (I never did it - was in my grungy geocaching clothes and shoes). The CO is not advertising, marketing or promoting any sales or employee interaction. However, the business does not compete with Groundspeak in any way. Likens to a library cache, or a flash mob in the center of a mall. Edit to say: I would do it on a rainy day if I was dressed for public.
  13. You obviously found the cache. The log wasn't signable, so post a NM with your found log. If you didn't take a picture, you can describe the cache to the owner if s/he requires proof you were there. I would log it as found. Can you "find" something if you already know where it is??? When you return to sign the log, you are returning, you haven't "found" it a second time IMHO.
  14. If I remember correctly, you need an annual pass to be on the BLM lands. They are difficult for visitors to get because of a two-week mail delay. We were able to find a BLM office to get one, just a bit of an out-of-the-way hassle. Remember to throw a couple gallons of emergency water in your Jeep and have a blast!
  15. Seems like that is what the filters are for - to sort the chaff...
  16. Meh, I'm not really interested in the events 200 miles away. That's kinda why the event calendar is so cludgy.
  17. Ok, thanx M10B. I got the newsletter, which is why I was searching for nearby GIFF events. It looks like the "Find a Geocache" search page restricts you to a 30 mile radius. I ran a PQ and got exactly what I wanted. Thanx everyone for your help
  18. Thanx for your reply NYPC. I ran it through Google translator without success. P.S. Where do you find the Search Page?
  19. I'm little ashamed to ask, but how do you find the search page? Obviously I've never used it. Whenever I've searched for the search page, I've never found it
  20. My scrolling finger aches from checking for GIFF events. I refuse to use that calendar any more. I'll be running PQs for events within 50 miles. Since other countries combined often have just as many/more events as North America nowadays, could we sort by Country? The whole experience of browsing events has always been awkward, but now it has gotten ridiculous. End of Rant.
  21. What?! Nobody mentioned Florida Finder's Fest?! 1 GCQ64Q 2 GCXVAG 3 GC14D8Z 4 GC1A7R4 5 GC1QG6D 6 GC290XH 7 GC2X7PX 8 GC36PZA 9 GC49X3T 10 GC50RR3 11 GC5FM5N
  22. At an event within the past year I saw two "big numbers" cachers exchanging name stamps in order to cheat. Ever since then I have been embarrassed that I am approaching the level of being considered "big numbers" at almost 11K. About 5K of those were power trail caches - but I signed every blessed log. I'm seriously considering retiring my account and starting another from scratch. I could do the E.T. highway again!
  23. Exactly. The fatbastard who harassed the OP was totally out of line. As a woman, often caching solo, I know he wouldn't have done the same to a man who simply walked across the street. I might've just stopped and sat down on a curb when he started yelling, so the chase is over and he starts thinking about the TV show he is missing back at his trailer. Instead of being "in flight", stop and calm yourself. Then you have the presence of mind to decide if you need to call 911. Women are just more approachable. At events I've witnessed curious muggles quietly watching, but not approaching cachers until a female enters the scene. Then I'm happy to explain geocaching.
  24. There have been a few posts in this thread that I thought were unnecessarily harsh towards that new poster. I thought the OP was unnecessarily harsh.
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