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  1. I found this one interesting: GC7AJPB Looks like the owner has been ghosted due to an erroneous NM log (can't see his Geocaches, Stats, etc.).
  2. My, how the forums have changed since 2012. Sharing experiences vs. picking at each other.
  3. I answered the survey "other". Unarchive the original one week/year during the Mega. Volunteers could stay in a tent nearby to babysit. The rest of the year, HQ (not loggable as a 1/1). What happens when the APE in Brazil is gone? Are there too many icons? I don't think so.
  4. I find my own souvenirs unfathomably uninteresting.
  5. I tend to avoid caching at night as I can barely find them in the daylight. I remember once scouring an area with flashlights to the point of hopelessness. We came back in the morning and BAM! It was in plain sight. Lesson learned.
  6. I wonder if the owner of the site has been incarcerated for the past 4 years.
  7. Meh...solved the first one with a major hint but never bothered to go get one. Not gonna trouble myself with the rest...souvenirs just get lost amongst the states and events.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I've never owned a GPS that displayed attributes.
  9. My renewal date is coming up next month. I always look forward to this time of year. I get to load up on PQs and see how long I can postpone renewing. One year I went nearly two months! I do enjoy this game.
  10. I went. We got pretty good parking. We had picked up our swag the day before, along with about 500 other people. The line was long, over an hour. Boy was I glad we didn't have to stand in the crazy long line at GW. I heard someone say GW14 didn't receive swag until the night before so they couldn't put together packets. I agree it was nice swag. The little FTF magazine that came with several random ephemera went into the magazine pile - several days later I found the event schedule. After we had perused the usual vendors (that area was crowded), found a few geocaches, worked on a few lab caches, and traded some pathtags, we were done. We might've stayed longer, but there was nowhere shady to sit. We weren't there long enough to get hungry. The food truck area was on the perimeter of things, I don't remember if they were running generators or something but it seemed like an uncomfortable area. Maybe the proximity to the port-a-potties? All we knew was that the raffle was at 3pm (or was it 4pm?) because the volunteers told us not to enter if we weren't going to be present. People don't want to stand/walk in the heat/sun for that long. I felt a little guilty leaving so soon after all the buildup, planning, and volunteer hours. There just wasn't enough to do to hang around for six hours. Edit to say: The line could've been divided into A-G, H-Q, R-Z or such to make 3 smaller lines. The swag could've been handed out from both sides of the table...
  11. Wellll, I wouldn't go so far as to call it a "destination". It was more of a diversion for us...BTW, there is a free campground with electric hookups in Alliance. And a second geocache at Carhenge.
  12. Ok. Thanx for your replies. I will entertain a few more opinions, but right now I am thinking I will just delete my log. There is something wonky going on with the cache and I don't need any Area-51 karma following me around...
  13. I was looking through my recent finds/DNFs and noticed a NA by a 30-find cacher. They complained that people were photologging instead of DNFing. I read the description (which I don't do 100% of the time) and it said photologs were ok. I went back and changed my DNF to a Found. Several hours later I had second thoughts and was going to change my Found back to a DNF. The NA has been deleted and the description has been changed. The "photologs are ok" is gone; now it says if you sign one of the cars nearby you can claim a find. I don't remember it being a 4.5 when I looked for it. Oh- also, the CO admits it is a vacation placement. Should I change my Found to a DNF, or just delete the whole thing and forget all about it? Thanx in advance for your advice.
  14. I would much rather do reading on my computer than while standing outside squinting at a 2" GPS screen. So I also don't read descriptions unless I'm having trouble finding the cache.
  15. I completed the CO star last month. From the signs, I was under the impression it was all on National Grassland. On such a large/national project, I trust that the cache owner got permission. I opened the gate at the road to get in; at the second (northern) gate you refer to, there were no locks or "No Trespassing" or "Private Property" signs. One would assume the land is/was leased to ranchers (or horse riders). I can see how they would feel possessive. Not really my battle. A simple eMail to the cache owner should ease your mind. I felt no angst.
  16. We stayed behind the Little Ale Inn in a 37' class A in 2013. There are only a couple spaces with water and low voltage (homemade) electric. We didn't use the electric, so they gave us several nights for free (we were eating in the restaurant daily). I think normally it costs $15/night. We had a blast - didn't have to rush through the trail, had the luxury of stopping when we were tired. Stayed nearly a week. Felt sorry for those on a tight schedule, renting a room in the trailers there. There are quite a few hotels in Tonopah to chose from on the west end. Don't forget to pick up GCF9 - placed 12/26/00, and GC173 placed 1/10/01. Regarding Marcas Found's comment about cows at night - there is a memorial cache along the trail dedicated to a young man who was killed after colliding with a black cow at night.
  17. Thank goodness. Never realized it takes twice as many clicks to use the "new improved" search page.
  18. Getting a little honked here. When I do a GC# search from the main page, I get kicked into the "new, improved" search page. Why on earth would I need 2,257 results for one specific GC# ??? Stop messing with me. Withdraw me from your little engineering experiment, please.
  19. Haha. I thought something was wonky last night - figgered it was that old "Tuesday night maintenance" thing going on. Normally I use a bookmark to go right to my Profile page. Last night I used MSN's "Edge" quick tab to get to the website to check the map. I had no desire to search for anything.
  20. Thanx for the info. Decided to register for GW 14er. Happy caching!
  21. Don't try geocaching while you're hitched up. The most you can do with the beast attached is rest areas and maybe large parking lots. The trick is to find a campground to call home while you're out geocaching with a more agile vehicle. We were looking at fifth-wheels to full-time in but decided on a class A because when it is "dropped" at Wally's or a casino, for example, it isn't ~obviously~ vacant/abandoned. Plus, we don't have to use a big diesel dually pick-up for caching and errands. We started with a little manual Yaris toad, but soon got a Jeep. There are very few vehicles left that you can tow 4-down; Jeep is one and Honda makes a couple. I can't recall the others at the moment. Most of all, have fun!
  22. After you sign in to geocaching.com, the caches you've found in the last 30 days are displayed on your Profile page. You can also get there from any page by clicking on your username in the top green bar, next to your round picture. Also, by clicking onto your Public Profile (right side of page under your square picture) you can click on the tabs for Geocaches, etc.
  23. I keep mine in GSAK along with all the Challenges "at posted coords".
  24. ...but you are able to make 7900 timely posts to the forum? Many of us have health issues that affect our geocaching - at face value yours seems to be more of a "priorities" issue? Does this issue of not logging online in a timely manner bother you? If so, maybe I understand your health issue that is effecting your geocaching. If you are replying to me, then no, you do not understand my health issue. Maybe I do if little things like how others log their finds at their convince do. Nope.
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