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  1. I'm with you WH, but if you have ever been to Great Hinckley Fire then you now that some caches are in a way a TB hotel.
  2. Post your vision of the future of Geocaching.
  3. Maybe the caches should have a bigger more noticeable way of saying a TB is there. TB logging should be more up front than it is now. Perhaps a penalty should be enacted on TB thiefs. Yet still if a cache is muggled and a TB is/was in it there is still nothing that can be done. I think that TB safty needs to be inproved on-line and maybe not in the tag. Somebody with a connection to the website people should open up a new thread for a topic like this. Several people in the forums are thinking about giving up on TBing altogether. This should be prevented as TBs make Geocaching much more fun if you think about it.
  5. I am not postting anymore in this thread.
  6. Good, good, something that is not hostile.
  7. So I can say "lame lame lame lame, etc, etc" as much as I want in your thread?
  8. Why not me, postting this topic.
  9. Just close the topic atogether an then nobody can say it anymore.
  10. There seems to be a lot of hostility and/or sarcasum in the Forums between different Geocachers. Can we all post ideas on how to stop this maddness. Please don't post more hostile and/or sarcastic comments. I beleave that this needs to be adressed in a non sarcastic non hostile way. Edit to include "sarcastic stuff"
  11. After someone finds a cache then they post notes not finds.
  12. Some times things just happen like that. I have just releast two of my own TBs and even if they get lost I won't give up on TBs or Geocaching. Are you just going to wimp out.(sorry if this is a bit harsh but come on)
  13. Perhaps two tags, one the normal TB tag, and the other a tag with paint/design on it to catch peoples eye so they look and see(this is for people who don't know what a TB is)that it's a TB. Inprovments to this idea would be good.
  14. You should take it with you to Europe and put it in a cache there. It is a TB after all.
  15. I agree it would be better for the Geocoin if it wasent just country based.
  16. I vote for the second option.
  17. Well yeah it should travel, it's a TB for crying out loud. LOL.
  18. Maybe it should be like your state flag.
  19. In some areas there are more regular caches then micros. It may be where you live or hunt.
  20. I beleave that it's white this year.
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