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  1. Thanks for the reply but sold mine late last night off Craigslist locally. These are rock solid, very basic units. They came out over 10 years ago and while there are different modals of the eTrex, this basic yellow modal seems to be one that Garmin got right the first time. Its amazing in the technology world when you have a modal that lasts as long as this one has. If you really want to get into geocaching with a handheld GPS, I would almost recommend spending a little more and getting something that syncs that syncs with geocaching.com a little easier. Running pocket queries and logging your find at the cache site is pretty sweet with a couple of the lower-end yet newer units. We purchased a Dakota 10 last year and because it is so much easier to load geocaches onto our GPS, and to log them right at the cache site, we found almost as many geocaches last year as we had in the previous 7 years! Good luck, NT
  2. I am selling my yellow Garmin Etrex with manual and quick start guide. Everyone knows the model, built like a tank and a solid unit. I'm not sure how to post pictures here but if you message me and give me your email I will send some your way. The unit has always been well cared for. The only reason I am selling it is because I bought a Dakota 10 and would like to use the money from this sale towards another hobby (telemetry gear for falconry). My wife says I have to start selling toys to buy more toys and I guess I don't disagree with her! I would like $45 for it with free shipping to your address in the lower 48. Sorry, no overseas, AK, or HI shipping. NT
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