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  1. Also, try running a virus scan on your computer. There was a virus on my computer that prevents people from downloading stuff on my computer
  2. I actually went back and tried geocaching today. The geocache that I did not find yesterday, I was able to find today. I am going to go try to find some more this weekend. I think I am going to stick with this hobby. There are a few caches in one of my favorite parks (Brechtel Park)
  3. I just ordered The Complete Idiot's Guide To Geocaching to help me learn about geocaching.
  4. I been having the same problem. I have a etrek 10.
  5. I finally tried Geocaching today. Got a new GPS for Christmas (an etrek 10). Nothing went right. It took me over four hours finally get the GPS to allow me to download geocaches and it takes me four attempts to download one cache. I finally went to try to find a few geocaches and could not even find one. I am sure that geocaching is a great hobby for a lot of people. I thought it would be great for me since I was raise outdoors (I mean, I been hunting and fishing since I was five years old which means I been fishing and hunting for 25 years). But I was wrong. This hobby will not become my new hobby. I regret even trying this hobby right now.
  6. Has anybody ever used a Geomate.jr? I am thinking about getting one for myself to use (I am 27 years old) and am wondering if it will be a good one to use.
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