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  1. Has anybody else ordered a toy on-line just so you can attach a travel bug too it and release it? I am a big fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra series. I just ordered an Avatar Aang toy from amazon.com and order two travel bugs from Geocaching.com. I am planning on attaching one of the travel bugs to the Avatar Aang toy to release it.
  2. I have found somebody's travel bug and already release it. After that experience, I bought my own travel bug and released it. I have bought two more travel bugs. I hope nobody does that to any of mine travel bugs. To me, it will is like receiving a fake entry.
  3. I have only been Geocaching in the USA (Louisiana and Mississippi). I am hoping that I can go Geocaching in other states and other countries. The next cruise I go on, I am planning on going Geocaching while in port.
  4. There is a very large geocache near my church. I am wondering if it is okay if I go back to that cache every once and a while to place some swag and trackables in it even through I already found it? Of course I would not do that without the owner permission so I am just keeping sure I am not breaking any Geocaching rules. This cache is located in Algiers Point near the ferry. So I would like to help keep this cache full of interesting stuff to encourage tourist to come to the west bank.
  5. I do not know when I am going on my next cruise, but when I do go on my next cruise, I am planning on bring my Geocaching bag to go geocaching in new locations.
  6. I do have a speech impediment and I am overweight. To help me lose weight, I am trying to find new hobbies that I enjoy that make me move. Since I started trying to lose weight about three years ago, Geocaching (about 9 months) and bicycling (about three years) are the two new hobbies that I have tried that I have enjoyed.
  7. I am thinking about buying another GPS. I am wondering what are the difference between a etrek 10 and a etrek 20 are and how does it relate to Geocaching? I already own a Etrek 10 and am wondering if it is worth the extra money to buy a etrek 20? The reason I am looking at buying another GPS is that my parents own a fishing camp in Bay St. Louis, MS. So I can have one at my house in Louisiana and have one in Mississippi.
  8. I know there are some locations, it also depends on the time. There is a walking trail near my house (I will hide a geocache there in the future). Sometimes, the walking trail is crowded as can be. Other times, it looks like a ghost town.
  9. A while back, I watched the news story on YouTube about Geocaching in Rachel, NV. Now I can't find it. If it still exist on YouTube, please send me the link. I want to share the video with a friend who is the president of the Algiers Economic Development Foundation (Algiers, Louisiana which is the Westbank of Orleans Parish).
  10. Free things to do on the north shore: Become a treasure hunter with geocaching The Times-Picayune had an article about Geocaching.
  11. I found 37 caches so far. My blue jean pants fit better since I lost about 13 pounds. I think geocaching has helped me lose weight
  12. If you are new to geocaching, one thing I would recommend to go to YouTube and watch some of the videos about geocaching. As a newbie myself, watching different videos on YouTube has been really helpful.
  13. I bought a golf ball and five golf tees that say "Louisiana State Penitentiary" from the Angola Museum. I also bought three golf balls from the National World War 2 Museum. I am thinking about using at least one of the National World War 2 Museum golf balls when I go geocaching in Mississippi. My parents own a fishing camp in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi so I will be geocaching in Mississippi (I already found one in Mississippi).
  14. So far, I found 20 caches. I almost met another person that was geocaching. I saw a guy walking away from a geocache while I was walking towards it. He log the cache in about the same time I was also logging it in.
  15. If I decided to disable my account, will I be able to activated it again in the future? If I decided to disable my account and I decide I want to try geocaching again, what will change on my account when I activated it? Will it still show the caches that I found?
  16. Or you can come to New Orleans during Mardi Gras Season and attend some parades.
  17. I have only traded twice so far, but I have followed the Both times, I used something special from my Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club (special throws like my doubloon and a koozie). I have bought a golf ball and golf tees from the Angola Museum and some golf balls from The National World War 2 Museum to used for trading. For the caches that I trade with, I will always leave something I think people will find cool.
  18. About 5 hours after you made this post, I found two more Caches so my total is now 11. I tried finding four today but I found two. One of those I did not find is near my church, so I will try again this weekend.
  19. Since I am new to geocaching, I have only traded two times 1) the first time, I left an Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club doubloon. 2) the second time, I left an Irish Channel Marching Club koozie. I most likely will continue using the throws for my Irish clubs as trades. I am also thinking about buying some golf balls from the Angola Museum (museum for The Louisiana State Penitentiary) and the National World War 2 Museum to trade.
  20. I found five geocaches today. Two of them that I found today were the ones I could not find on Sunday.
  21. I am new too geocaching and I made my first trade today (An Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day doubloon for the silly putty). I will not always do this, but I did enjoy placing something "local" in the cache.
  22. I found my second geocache. I am glad I am sticking with it. I have learn that for me, it is better to use my GPS AND my cell phone to find the geocaches. Sometimes in the future, I might only use the GPS or the cell phone. But other times, you might see me using both.
  23. Have any geocachers been question while geocaching? Just in case somebody like the police questions what I am doing, I am thinking it would be easier for me with my speech impediment if I keep a print out of this flyer about geocaching. Is that a good ideal or a bad ideal?
  24. I am going to treat this new hobby like a brand new restaurant. If I see potential in a new brand restaurant, I give it a few months before I decide if it is great, good or bad. Give the restaurant a few months to work out the bugs. Since I see potential that I will enjoy this hobby, I am going to give it a few months for me to work out the bugs. Two of the caches are near my church. So I will look for them again on Thursday (Holy Day of Obligation for us Catholics) and if I don't find them on Thursday, I will look for them again on Sunday.
  25. I went geocaching at Brechtel Park (tried finding four geocaches) and near my church in Algiers Point (tried to find two). No luck. And now the two near my church, it appears that I am the only one that could not find them (I even look for one for over 45 minutes). Now I feel like an idiot for not evening finding one of them. I am beginning to doubt myself again about if geocaching is the hobby for me.
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