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  1. I am just getting into the Travel Bugs. I like attaching the travel bugs to key chains (I will try attaching them to different things in the future). I am looking for some ideals that I can use for the mission. The missions I have used so far is 1) to visit as many different parks as possible 2) to travel the world.
  2. Sometimes I use my cell phone, sometimes I use my GPS (etrek 10 but I am looking at upgrading), and sometimes I use both. My cell phone will not work everywhere so that is one reason I have a GPS.
  3. I have heard that some people collect Geocoins. If you collect them, how do you store them (in a box or what)? If you collect them, are you suppose to enter them into Geocaching.com with the tracking number?
  4. Since I live in a tourist town, a lot of the swag that I use is touristy (poker chips from the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club, golf balls from the World War 2 Museum, stuff from the Angola Museum, keychains, est.). A few weeks ago, I found a geocache with not a lot of swag in it. So I left a trackable, a world war 2 museum, and a poker chip from the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club.
  5. There is a cache at the entrance sign. I drive thru Slidell when I am going to visit my parent's fishing camp in Bay St. Louis, MS. The next time I am in Slidell, LA, I am planning on finding that Geocache. So thank you for letting me know about it.
  6. One of my trackables mission is to visit as many parks as possible. I am going to laugh if that trackable ends up at a nudist park.
  7. I am not a nudist but I wonder if there are any Geocaches at Indian Hills Nudist Park in Slidell, LA (the closest nudist park near my house)? The reason I know that the nudist park exist is due to the Times-Picayune article As nudism fades in Louisiana, one campground nakedly perseveres
  8. I always buy my stamps at Stamp-Connection.
  9. Here are some YouTube videos that may help you: Go Geocaching YouTube page
  10. Is there a Geocaching flyer that I can hang up at coffee shops or give to friends? I know in the Southeast Louisiana, some of the coffee shops have bulletin boards that you can hang up flyers. I would enjoy being able to hang up a Geocaching flyer to help promote Geocaching.
  11. This video on YouTube gives some good information about hiding a Geocache.
  12. Bicycling is my main hobby to help me lose weight. I lost about a hundred pounds so far. I still need to lose more weight. Geocaching has helped me lose weight or at the very least, help me keep it off.
  13. You might want to watch this new story: http://wnep.com/2012/07/06/geocaching-and-weight-loss/
  14. I would love to meet up with you and Veterantributes. I have only met one other Geocacher (at a cemetery oddly enough) so I would like to meet some more.
  15. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=334137&st=0&p=5543539entry5543539 This thread is what helped me to fix the problem with my etrek 10 (I also couldn't download geocaches to my etrek 10).
  16. I don't carry a bottle of antibacterial with me but between my job and Geocaching, I always wash my hands before I eat.
  17. This video Geocaching.com Presents: Travel Bugs might give you some more information about trackables. Also want to check out and
  18. Thank you, thank you and thank you. With your post, I was able to get my GPS to work.
  19. For swag, I have used throws from the Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club that I belong too. I have also used stuff from local museums (example: golf balls from the National World War 2 Museum).
  20. Thank you. I was able to download a geocache. Hopefully it will fix the problem for good
  21. I am trying to download Geocaches to my GPS (an Etrek 10). For whatever reason, the Geocaches will not download to my GPS. This is the furthest I gotten.
  22. Laughing at rereading this post I made about a year ago. A year later and 110 Geocaches later, I am still Geocaching. I am glad I did not quit this hobby.
  23. I wonder if he is just an extreme Geocacher or if he works odd hours for him to find the Geocaches at the time? One of my friends is a bartender. When we go out for breakfast/dinner (my breakfast, his dinner), we usually meet at IHOP or the Waffle House at 4AM in the morning.
  24. I know with my other hobby, Where's George, we had a few Where's George Cruisefest. I hope that one day, there will be an Geocaching Cruisefest.
  25. I am going on a cruise in April (information below). I am thinking about doing some Geocaching while in port and am wondering if any other geocachers have been geocaching while on a cruise? If so, do you have any advice for me about Geocaching while in port? I will be sailing on the Carnival Dream 4/10/2016 New Orleans, LA 4/11/2016 Fun Day At Sea 4/12/2016 Fun Day At Sea 4/13/2016 Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan 4/14/2016 Belize 4/15/2016 Cozumel, Mexico 4/16/2016 Fun Day At Sea 4/17/2016 New Orleans, LA
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