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  1. These are the version that's the open image in new tab but here is your link. d21f36a1-4ea0-41db-b2d2-f04f207e8e57.jpg (768×1024) (geocaching.com)
  2. Well will you look at that the problem I am experiencing has been around for almost 6 years and it's still not been fixed! Just like the others in this thread when other cachers message me and add an image the image is pixelated, it's not all the time just 50% maybe, I have got friends to message me with images to test it out and as far as I can tell it is when the image is sent from a mobile device that isn't on WiFi, but I cant 100% sure so more testing would be needed. This is what I can talking about, I'm guessing from the previous posts I'm not the only one seeing this, any chance of it being fixed?
  3. I'm surprised Groundspeak have not done this already a simple email verification is no hindrance for a mobile or desktop user who was just downloaded the app since they have email access on whatever device they are using. Until Groundspeak realise they are missing out on important marketing information they will not bother as it too much work, in the real world no matter what company you are dealing with they want your email address so they can then remind you of the services they offer whether it be banks, insurers, supermarkets or charities, one of the first questions they ask is for your email. So until Groundspeak pick up on the fact that they can't flood unregistered users with emails about the premium service they offer it will not happen.
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