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  1. To hq tech ... Thank you, thank you, thank you X 100. I know there were ways, but there were none as quick as filters on the home page.
  2. Duh ... and now what do we call that which the community calls a challenge? Why didn't they get called Virtuals? That's what everyone has been asking for.
  3. We wouldn't normally post more negativity, but we need to add our voices to those geocachers who are disappointed with this update. Is there a policy to dumb down this site and/or this game? The last few upgrades seem to be going that way. The silly new smiley faces from a few updates ago, and now huge avatars and no dates on posts??? What are you thinking? Maybe you think everyone who geocaches is under the age of 10? And we are very upset about this new challenge thing. As others have said a challenge is something worthy to work toward, to spend time, energy and money to accomplish a task that has to do with geocaching. We love those challenges. Now, challenge has taken on a whole new meaning and it's a dumbed down meaning.... and from what I saw today it is just stupid ... "Kiss a Frog" and a few later "Kiss a Dick"... what? no oversight? So much is getting dumbed down these days, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that geocaching.com is also on the chopping block. We want to opt out of this stupid challenge thing. And bring back the dates! Soon.
  4. Working with html on geocaching.com is simple. Check the html box Paste code you've created from editor. Try Notepad++ which gives great syntax highlighting for html (and other scripting languages.) Once you see the html syntax in color you are on your way to leaving Dreamweaver in the dust, imho. Also, if geocaching.com had a proper wysiwyg editor, like ckeditor, we wouldn't be formatting and inserting using other programs, like Word or Dreamweaver. And with a proper built-in-to-the-form editor we could even paste-in a word .doc and it would strip out all the spaghetti at the click of a button. Then, save it and check it, on a big monitor and on a tiny gpsr display. One other tip: If tables are used, DO keep all table widths to a percentage. Any cell width numbers may wreck havoc on the gpsr display.
  5. It's working!! We connected to itunes and updated cc info. It didn't work right away, but 10 minutes later... satisfaction. Now we plan some holiday caching.
  6. Having exactly the same issue as sandbetweenmytoes. Site has been up for the day and still no love on the IPAD.
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