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  1. Nice job with the profile page. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  2. Thanks for the help. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  3. After I upload maps to my Legend, will the Gps automatically access the new map data or do I have to do something? How do I delete the maps I loaded and not the base map? TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  4. quote:Originally posted by Skeeter64:IVxIV, How do you transfer waypoints over to S&T? Downloaded Utopia but i cant get 2002 to recognize the points. Any tips??? I would e-mail Prime Suspect, the software author. He helped me with S&T 2003 and it works great. He will be able to tell you if the two are compatible. He seemed quite willing to help. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  5. We came because of the possibility of an adventure; we stay because of the friends we've made. If you don’t believe it just come to any Texas geocaching event, you won’t want to leave. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  6. Add to that the same amount of error to the person hiding the cache and you have effectively doubled that distance. What would be the fun it it took you rught to it? TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  7. Not unlike the buttons on a Mag315 and I don't need two hands to operate it. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  8. This is a log from my daughter's cache in Wisconsin. --------------------------------------------------- WISearchers has added a log to your cache (The Ice Age Trail Trek). You can visit the cache at the following link: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=66155 User comments: ok, so we are cheaters...but very bad cheaters! here's the story. We thought we would save ourselves a bit of hiking by bringing two cars and parking one on one end near the first waypoint, and the other at the suggested coords...ahhh...aren't we tricky...so we did...but wait until you hear how this story unfolds.... hiked an easy walk to the first waypoint. our coords were off quite a bit on this one and we had to seriously open up our search area, but we found it safe and sound and in good condition...on to second waypoint... this one was much easier than the first as our coords matched well...but those darn thorny trees really told us that they didn't want us in their area...nice cache watchers!...on to number three this was the most difficult of the waypoints to get to. we weren't looking directly in the right area for a little while, but this was a cache rich area...and since these were micros, we wanted to search right away. We were surprised at how quickly we found it though...this has potential hiding spots everywhere...on to the final... we don't think we took the right path to get to this one...although we did take quite the adventuous route...but eventually ended up finding a part of the trail again and ultimately found the final leg quickly signed the log TNLN...but our adventure only had just begun... you see there was a loophole in our plot to save time in our attempt to complete is cache after work before dark by driving two cars thus saving time hiking...hiked back to the car (again probably not the correct way as we never make it easy on ourselves). Finally made it back to the car feeling very accomplished...Yes, we completed this one in record time and just beat dark! Woo hooo...felt great after the hike...then one member of our team (I wont mention who HE was) said "you have the keys"...yes, I had the keys, but to MY vehicle...HE left his keys in MY car...guess where we had to hike? So in our attempt to cheat a bit (actually we thought we were being resourceful not cheating)...we ended up having to walk the entire distance and then some to get back to my vehicle to get HIS keys...there has to be a lesson in this somewhere...hehehe... this was an incredibly well thought out and well laid out multi. Even with our little detour...we loved it! A great time was had! Thank you for taking the time to put this together...it was cause for quite an entertaining evening...and for a story that we will be able to tell...although maybe we wont want to admit... Thanks! WISearchers- Rhonda and Tony ---------------------------------------------------- TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  9. MS Streets and Trips, Utopia, EasyGPS, Yellow eTrex, eTrex Legend and Magellan 315. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  10. We had that happen once. After a tedious cache by cache search we found where a cache owner had deleted every log so he could start over! Dah. We simply reposted with a short explanation and that seemed to take care of it. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  11. The owner probably just wants to make sure you didn't pull a photo from a scrapbook but rather actually went out looking for the van. Next time try to include your GPS in the picture whether they ask for it or not. That's what we do. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  12. This is not a gripe but rather my thoughts on the new map. I think the more you know about how people use the maps the better you’ll be able to design a map feature that meets people’s needs. For my trip planning it is not very useful. Starting zoomed in on a particular cache and only zooming out to thirty miles, makes planning trips to other areas difficult. If I want detailed maps of a particular cache I’ll use my mapping software. Starting with a map of the whole state allows me to pick an area of interest, zoom to it and then identify individual caches. Also the old map was not as cluttered up with icons. I have found the old maps by doing a new search on a particular state and then clicking the (map) link at the top of the page. Please don't change that feature. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  13. That was my error. I pulled up a cache from my found list because it was convenient. It did not show up there but when I pulled one from my watch list that I had not found the "not found" choice was available. Southeast Texas TC Planning Meetingwas the page in question. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  14. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy (Admin):What cache are you referring to? And quit griping. Maps will be up on Friday. Sheesh. Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location A simple "Maps will be up on Friday" would suffice. We have only posted one other time regarding this matter, back when all of this "upgrading" began. At that time the maps would be "up in March" then it turned to May and now it’s Friday. Since we used those maps as our primary means of planning our weekend trips it has been inconvenient but we have NOT complained. We became charter members of GC when it was first offered because we understand the time and expense an undertaking of this type must take. We support geochacing.com because we enjoy caching and appreciate the importance of this site. Your attitude towards loyal members seems to be a little strained. Perhaps you should go geocaching to relieve the stress. Sheesh. TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  15. That's cute. It only shows on pages you have not logged. Instead of all these tweaks and turns why don't they fix the found and not found cache maps? TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  16. All I see is -Select 0ne- Note Found it Needs Archived TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb
  17. Was the omission of the "not found" option intentional or an oversight? TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb [This message was edited by TerraTrekkers on September 24, 2003 at 03:26 PM.]
  18. This program will do coord conversion, distance between points and projections. GeoCalc TerraTrekkers =[]= Jim & Deb [This message was edited by TerraTrekkers on September 20, 2003 at 02:24 AM.]
  19. God bless America. TerraTrekkers =[]==[8D]= Jim & Deb
  20. Thanks, this is a nice program it combines functionality and simplicity. TerraTrekkers =[]==[8D]= Jim & Deb
  21. Is the projection based on true or magnetic north? Can you add that as an option? TerraTrekkers =[]==[8D]= Jim & Deb [This message was edited by TerraTrekkers on September 05, 2003 at 10:05 PM.]
  22. We've been geocaching for more than a year and have 400 finds. On July 5th while doing maintenance on one of our own caches I slipped on some mud and fractured my wrist. We had to hike 3/4 of a mile back to the truck. It took one titanium plate 8 or 10 screws and 2 pins to put it together. TerraTrekkers =[]==[8)]= Jim & Deb
  23. My Mag 315 changes to feet at .1 miles. Do you have the latest firmware? Version 3.15 is whats in mine. If not go to the magellam web site to upgade. TerraTrekkers =[]==[8)]= Jim & Deb
  24. Is there a place to set the baud rate in S&T? If so make sure they match. TerraTrekkers =[]==[8)]= Jim & Deb
  25. Make sure the baud rates are set to the same value. I've never had this problem with my Legend but my Mag315 would'nt work when going from one progam to another and it turned out to be that the baud rates were different. TerraTrekkers =[]==[8)]= Jim & Deb
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