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  1. Geek-Qualizer is one of those unsung hero types. I know of several things he has done to promote geocaching beyond those already mentioned. I can't and won't mention them as to not embarress him. I will say this though, he will go out of his way to help one of his geo family even if it has nothing to do with geocaching. He even pulled a constable's four wheeler out of a ditch as the result of being chased for driving his SUV where he shouldn't while looking for a cache. Is that a great guy or what!?

    I say again he is one of those people who works hard behind the scenes to keep geocaching fun for the rest of us. GQ deserves the recognition.



  2. It only shows 2 decimal places instead of 3. 29 deg 32.36 min instead of 29deg 32.369min. This will reduce your accuracy. Plus these old Mags suffer from the Mageallan hook, slow averageing that causes you to work a big circle back to the cache. I have a 315,I know. I think I would look around for something else.



  3. The apology was from Jeremy not a volunteer over a minor misinterpretation of tone in a post, a frequent occurrence on such forums.


    The intent of my post was to point out of why people geocache not to draw more lines. Such drastic measures as letting someone go can only be made by those with the necessary behind the scenes information and stats.


    As for dealing with the power trips I simply don't list here at the present time. I gladly pay my $30 dollars, read and follow the forums and geocache when time and health allow.


    I do think this discussion presents an excellent opportunity for GC.com to tweak the approval process for the better. In some instances, such as the one that prompted this thread, a little less heavy hand would be much appreciated.



  4. As I see it nothing positive was accomplished as a result of this minor confrontation. :huh: A volunteer lost face, a few more "paying" subscribers became annoyed with GC.com and group of geocachers were denied the opportunity to meet a rather prolific and very nice geocacher from out of state. No one was asking to break any laws or endanger any one's health or safety.


    I received an unsolicited apology from GC in the past. It gave me the impression that they do care about their subscribers and were reasonable people that put up with a lot of "bologna". In some cases though, the volunteers almost seem to be on a power trip. It appears to some of us that depend on them that they allow personal feelings or prejudices affect their decisions.


    If there is oversight of the volunteer approvers maybe they should be told, " Hey dude, lighten up. It's only a game. Let them have their fun." :lol:



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