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  1. I would like to get my hands on some of these, very nice coin.
  2. If you could put me on your list for 2 standards & 1 LE, as well Please
  3. I would have to agree with you Cent5, this is a great choice, and it is one of my favorite coins as well. However being on the ACD 2005 team with you, my ACD 2005 GeoCoin is very near & dear to my heart, along with the new friends that I made on that trip. So I have three favorites, and the Moun10Bike Christmas Coin is probably the rarest.
  4. Please put me on your waiting list for 4
  5. Any more of these coins available, I would like 2 if so.
  6. Congratulation to you SilentNW #250, nice job, keep caching.
  7. paid for my 2 coin, Thank you
  8. sorry i missed this one, I would like 4 if you have any left or be on a waiting list
  9. if there are any left I would like 2 please let me know
  10. still waiting, maybe tomarrow
  11. got my order in, thank you
  12. Most likely, you'll have to find, or trade for one, due to the GC.com restrictions. I would like to get 4 of them as well, please advise.
  13. Send an email to ineedcoins@gccoins.com - e-mail sent, thank you
  14. No Addictions here, not @ all, but I will need 2 no 3 no 4 yea 4 please.
  15. Not at the moment. I'm still working on the pre-orders. By the weekend you will be able to check your wait list status. Alex. I would like to be put on a list for a couple of these please.
  16. That is a nice looking coin, hope to get my hands on some of those, I work over there alot but dont live there, please keep me advised on when they are coming out.
  17. I would like 2 of each please.
  18. Please add me on your list for 2 coins.
  19. Please add me to your list for 2 coins
  20. Please put me on list for 2 coins.
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