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  1. If you find your self in & around Anchorage for a meal, stop by The Sourdough Mining Company as well as the shop next door to see the Chocolate waterfall (Virtual Cache), and another must is Gwennie's for some Raindeer Sausage. I know I am not a Local, but thanks to Mr. Cent5 and the rest of the ACD crew, these are great places to stop.

  2. I am looking for any travel bugs that are in need of a lift to the Mid West area, (Ohio) from Everett & North Seattle area.


    I am leaving SeaTac on the 20th of September.


    Sorry these 2 travel bugs are off the list TB6C95 Cindy (The CinderBlock), or TBJ4AW PIGHEAD, or anything like them. I just will not have the room sorry.

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