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  1. If you find your self in & around Anchorage for a meal, stop by The Sourdough Mining Company as well as the shop next door to see the Chocolate waterfall (Virtual Cache), and another must is Gwennie's for some Raindeer Sausage. I know I am not a Local, but thanks to Mr. Cent5 and the rest of the ACD crew, these are great places to stop.
  2. They are for watering the crops in the fields.
  3. Wow, Glad to hear both of you are doing ok, I do I have good news, looks like both of you get to go Shopping for new Geo-Rigs.... Lowrider71
  4. I wish everyone an safe & Happy Holiday Season.
  5. Thank you to all Team Members for another Great Adventure.
  6. So do we have a book mark list of the caches we are going to try to do.... or any direction as far as where all we are going....
  7. Wheels up soon 4 days, this is going to be great.
  8. Glad to see you home again, and I look forward to seeing you in Alaska @ the event & shaking your hand & saying thank you in person for giving us 16 months of your life.
  9. Cent5.... you are the Man. thank you for being the man you are. Sorry all can't go with us.
  10. Thanks to all that have helped. See you all when I get back.
  11. That would work for me, I will make this one of my stop on the to 20th before I fly away. Thanks Landrover
  12. I am looking for any travel bugs that are in need of a lift to the Mid West area, (Ohio) from Everett & North Seattle area. I am leaving SeaTac on the 20th of September. Sorry these 2 travel bugs are off the list TB6C95 Cindy (The CinderBlock), or TBJ4AW PIGHEAD, or anything like them. I just will not have the room sorry.
  13. Congratulations in to the 500 club. SilentNW Gordy & Sassy Fluteface Done today on the Great EraSeek cache, Ebey Bluffs GC13DC
  14. please add me to your list for 2 each.
  15. Put me on the list for 2, very nice coin as always AG.
  16. I would like a set when they come out
  17. I would like 2 of the trackable ones please.
  18. You can put me down for 2 please, RIP Bikedog
  19. A little late, but Congrats on # 600 GG.
  20. What a great time, I had a great time meeting some new cachers & some not so new cacher, a very special THANK YOU to Half-Canadian for all you did on this.
  21. I am going to Texas for the weekend & will assist any TB going southbound. Contact me thru e-mail or find me @ the Bellingham Cache Machine GCQZ5V.
  22. Congrats SilentNW #300, keep Caching
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