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  1. Think Pool plus a hand.... plus a sword maybe? Ooh, ooh, please Sir! King Arthur Man or Myth ? (Dozmary Pool) - supposed to be where Excalibur came from/to.
  2. Some nice publicity but why was swapping (optional) mentioned so much and logging the find completely ignored?
  3. Minack Theatre, Cornwall - even with a cache: Get to the point! ... oh b****r, too slow
  4. Yep, server too busy messages for us as well. Left off logging for a while and it all seemed to be working again. Someone must have fed the hamster.
  5. That did it Many thanks, MrB I guess it is the software equivalent of "Have you tried turning it off and on again?". Hopefully it will also cure my problem with the ignore script as well. It was nice to see that all the scripts were remembered after the re-install - though that may be another path that might need exploring if other people have problems in this area. Again, many thanks for your help.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that the OS map substituter script has stopped working - or is it just me? I appear to be using the latest (v1.3.2) but I just see a blank pane.
  7. Many thanks for all your hard work guys! Back to the problem... Now at home, I have just updated to Firefox 3.0.6 and I have 53 topics ignored but there are a couple more that used to be ignored... Obviously, most of the ignored threads are not on the first page. For me, it would be acceptable to lose the oldest ignored topic when adding new. This is only gilding the lily - please take this as positive feedback - it is by no means a complaint! Cheers, Trevor
  8. I am using Firefox 3.0.5 but have seen the problem for a while. Maybe I just like ignoring lots of threads... Many thanks. PS: I just noticed that it seems to be a script on Edgemaster's site that is linked to on Graculus's resource page and this indicates version 0.34, but 17/08/2008 instead of 18th. Can anyone indicate what the differences are about?
  9. Hi, I am using the latest script file (0.34, 18/8/2008) but find that several threads I have previously marked to ignore keep popping up again. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
  10. Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one With everyone on here leaping out to grab caches left, right and centre - I just want to hibernate...
  11. But....what about anyone who comes here on holiday and who might want to do some interesting caches? Finds always tail off after the locals do them but I for one appreciate having the choice of doing some decent caches if I am visiting a new area - and not just caches and dashes. I second what allieballie says. I fully appreciate this and have no intention of archiving it. I was just saying that once the locals have found it there are very likely to be long gaps in between the finds. Hopefully the logs will remain appreciative and that is by far the best encouragment to leave a cache out there
  12. Vanished Village is not found very often - over 6 months between last visits ignoring our maintenance. The logs are all appreciative of the walk but now that the locals have all done it...
  13. I don't think that would be allowed actually. From the listing guidelines: "GPS usage is an essential element of geocaching. Therefore, although it is possible to find a cache without a GPS, the option of using accurate GPS coordinates as an integral part of the cache hunt must be demonstrated for all physical cache submissions." Coordinates which just lead to the general area don't meet this criterion IMO. There is this one that was only set last August, so they are obviously allowed. Cheers, Trevor
  14. It sometimes feels like "I'm walking backwards for Christmas"...
  15. Brilliant - many thanks Edgemaster! If only all support could be so prompt!
  16. We are drilling ours as well and have just managed to get a load of small sized key rings from ebay (thought that the Key rings would be harder to remove than the chains from the TB's (although if someone really wants its even that won't stop them (cann't see the appeal of a drilled coin myself????) Any suggestions as to the best thing to use as a tag please? I have seen some small key rings with paper inserts but I would have thought they would not last very long. I have also seen laminated tags that had ripped the chain out. If I had engraving skills a small metal tag might do it...
  17. I just spotted this log at a nearby cache - 110 in one day - I feel kn*ckered just thinking about it! Congrats to all these records
  18. They are in Blacks in Brighton if anyone is in this area. I was apparently the only one chasing them up so my face is known and I can't really get any more .
  19. Yippee! Got one from Blacks in Brighton today! They said I was the only one that had been asking after them - so come on down
  20. Hi, I use cachemate for the details on the pda and GSAK to generate the relevant files. That is a GPX file to load into cachemate and a MM csv file with smart names. If this matches your setup I can be more specific - or someone else will be along very soon Trevor
  21. Since other threads have commented on the variability of Garmin support, could you give the email address where you asked please? Cheers, Trevor
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