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  1. I am running MM 5.1.3 and have the MM baud rate set to 38400 - all other settings are the same.
  2. To expand on that, my 5720 has the following GPS settings: In the Programs tab the port is set to COM7 In the Hardware tab the port is COM1 at 9600 baud In the Access tab the box is ticked to "Manage GPS automatically". That all works for me - but I have not tried to use TomTom and MM at the same time.
  3. ...and all those you have listed above did so in such a publicly humiliating manner did they? I'll try to sit on the fence here... I am also annoyed (no that is too strong - peeved?) by bad spelling and grammar but am also very aware of the public nature of trying to correct it in here. So how can you attempt to gently correct it? An email takes it off line but part of the idea is to let other posters know, so as to attempt to correct the behaviour. I would try to poke gentle fun - as in "Only Men Allowed" - but is that too critical? In the end I generally don't bother - life is too short...
  4. We tend not to even attempt the more difficult caches, preferring to just enjoy the scenery but this 4/4 was great for a recent landmark: Monkey Island
  5. Hi, We are probably the nearest cachers being in Saltdean. Unfortunately we are not so active at the moment: having just joined the National Trust that is taking up our weekends - and we are away on holiday soon. If I can blow my own trumpet, you might like to try our Vanished Village cache for a nice walk in the countryside with a normal sized cache at the end. Cheers, Trevor
  6. Hi, Without going into GSAK macros that can copy direct to the Cachemate database, you need to import the gpx file into Cachemate: Copy the file onto the IPAQ - say My Documents; open Cachemate. At the bottom of the screen you should see: "List Options" then some icons - click on the one showing a red arrow pointing into a set of files (import). Select how you want to merge into which database then click Start. Now find the GPX file you just downloaded, click on it and it should load into the database. I hope that helps. Cheers, Trevor
  7. We caught this using Sky - including sub-titles. Well done to everyone concerned. Just one minor nit-pick: the presenter was shown trading a geocoin for some swag -
  8. Another vote for Memory Map, Cachemate and GSAK here. I use an IPAQ5720 that comes with TomTom ready installed which is also very useful - but make sure you back everything up: sorry tale...
  9. DING! Over to you That was the idea before giving clues...
  10. Thank you Try this one, nearer home - the cache at location X
  11. ... you did indeed How about The Russians are Coming
  12. Thank you This one is much further south - chosen at random, so I don't know how distinctive it is... The cache in the middle please.
  13. Jack and Jill Windmills - sneakily with south at the top!
  14. Hi folks, its me again... I think I have got to the bottom of why my ignored threads keep coming back. It is because I am using two pcs (one at work and one at home) and the ignore function basically toggles between hidden and visible. Once the two pcs get out of step, hiding a thread at home makes it visible at work and vice versa. A quick fix would be to clear the show/hide settings for all topics on both pcs, then start again - but how do I clear those settings?
  15. Why thank you, kind sir I shouldn't really be on here at all at work - I will have a look when I get home OK, this one has moved a long way East - what is the cache at bottom left?
  16. Why thank you, kind sir I shouldn't really be on here at all at work - I will have a look when I get home
  17. I use Cachemate but never seen a ROT13 decoder. Have I missed something? Hi John, Try Options, Preferences - then check "Decode hints by default" - job done
  18. Top right would be SOM Cales Farm West Edited to add - whoops too slow
  19. It was there earlier, now this is all I see
  20. DING! Its the new game of picture ping pong! Back to you...
  21. Ohh spot on ... DING!! Thank you kind sir. This is probably too easy - but there is a cache there!
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