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  1. [blatant cache plug]Can I just say that you can put caches in an SSSI - I just did![/blatant cache plug]
  2. It must be something about Portugal! Nothing like as bad but our Silver Wedding TB was left in the Algarve with a similar goal and it seems to be much slower in its moves than other bugs.
  3. South East England, Sussex area: Do a search for anything by any of these Flatcoat Walker BHA Loyal Redirected Male Not forgetting Go Pack Go
  4. We have just come back but are far from "power cachers" - we just go for the occasional one that looks good or is in an area we haven't visited. Already mentioned is Toblerone which we enjoyed. In the same vein is Hartlands Hart - but that could be more of a challenge at GZ! Cheers, Trevor
  5. Ain't nobody here but us chickens... No idea. Anyone else?
  6. I had exactly this problem but when I lost the extension at work it was still installed at home. You need Firefoxview I hope that helps. Trevor Thank you, Thank you, Thank you T.R.a.M.P. That was exactly the thing I was looking for and couldn't find. Works a treat now You are very welcome. Just pleased I could help
  7. I had exactly this problem but when I lost the extension at work it was still installed at home. You need Firefoxview I hope that helps. Trevor
  8. A while ago, I was completing the last part of a puzzle cache that took us to a memorial next to a pub. My son and I spent some time getting the information and plugging in the final location before getting in to the car for a short drive to GZ. As we got out of the car a 4X4 drove up and stopped. The driver then came to ask what our interest was in the memorial. He turned out to be one of a team that maintained it and was watching us from the pub, becoming rather suspicious . When I explained about geocaching he seemed to lose interest but still kept me chatting while Michael headed off and found the cache.
  9. Both very good rings with the added bonus of a several pubs about halfway around for a break .
  10. I have done one of these that used a small cash (cache?) box. Apart from the problem with it going rusty, when I re-visited at one point, someone had managed to break their way in making the key redundant . It has since been archived .
  11. Also don't forget that if you have something like NoScript installed you will need to add the new server to the white list.
  12. Sorry for the delay... where is this Earthcache?
  13. ...in that case it has to be Easter Island, Quarry and Holes
  14. That's a DING of course - and thanks for the links!
  15. Many thanks Try this one - name the cache. I have never been there and can only guess about the object in the centre... what is it?
  16. Do you mean this one? Edgemasters OS substituter
  17. DING to TRaMP Thank you Another easy one in a similar vein...
  18. If you go back and click on the confirmation link in the email that was sent to you, you should see your name on the list... hopefully? MrsB I had already done that... It seems that the .gov hamsters don't work at the weekend as this morning I have appeared on the list
  19. I have signed the petition - but how come my (real) name does not appear?
  20. I think this is the crucial point. Whether the police should be doing this is another debate but if they do take your name it could then be held against a suspicion of terrorist activity. However, this is all painting the blackest possible scenario: the chances of being questioned are small... the chances that you need to give you name smaller still... the chances that gets logged - you see the point.
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