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  1. Hi All


    I have been looking lately at a lot of logs from aound my own area and have found a lot of logs that have comments regarding the amount of litter and general waste in the imediate vicinity to some caches in my area. While I dont think this is the CO's responsability to clear these areas around there cache I did think that maybe they should have put a bit more thought into where they placed a cache if the rubish was in existance when the cache was placed. But then as I thought a bit more about it, if every visitor to the cache practiced CITO then would the area not be cleared in no time. Further thought lead me to think that if a potential CO found a good spot where they wanted to place a cache would it not be better if they weren't put off by a lot of rubbish at the cache site as in the long run if everyone who visited the cache practiced CITO the area would be cleared in no time and Geocaching would directly benefit the enviroment.


    So up for discussion. Do you practice CITO? I know I do sometimes but other times I dont so much.


    If you identified an interesting area for a cache would excess rubish put you off placing a cache in that area?

    When we were on holiday in Portugal last year we came across this cache: CITO

    Reading the logs it seems that the area is benefitting from cachers attention - but then it is a stunning location, not just a dump that needs clearing!

  2. ...I for one refuse to shell out twenty quid for a cable :laughing:

    I felt just the same - then Christmas came around and someone else shelled out twenty quid[:P]. Now I wouldn't be without the cable even though it is only used as a back up GPSr.



  3. We are going to Majorca in May and I have grabbed the Open Street Map tiles into Memory Map for use on my pda. I am not sure if this process could be used on your GPSr as it was a fair amount of work getting them calibrated. I thought it was worth the effort - YMMV



  4. Since you already have Memory Map, why not consider a pda with GPS - I use the old HP IPAQ rx5720. Memory map will install across and you can actually follow yourself on the map.


    Of course there are disadvantages to the pda route - the main one being robustness - but it suits me.



  5. I realise that delayed writes can be a problem but if I use the "Safely Remove" feature, it disables the card reader which, being a USB unit mounted inside to the case, cannot be used again without resetting the pc. :yikes:
    I can see your problem - it normally appears again when you reinsert the USB plug, but with an internal USB you can't easily do that. Frankly, I think that is a design problem with your PC - I think USB wasn't really intended as an internal interface.


    I can't see how the alternative proposed by the next poster makes the situation any different. "Safely remove" hardware should not deinstall the drivers, merely flush the write buffers, and after "ejecting" the card by the alternative method you will be in exactly the same situation in which you presently find yourself.


    But simply ignoring the requirement to safely remove the card is not a satisfactory solution. External USB card readers are so cheap they are effectively free. If you buy a £10 uSD card you're quite likely to have a USB->uSD card reader bunged in for nothing.


    I don't know what device you are using it with, but most modern USB devices attach themselves as virtual disks without you having to remove the card at all - I rarely need to use a separate reader.


    Rgds, Andy

    I just checked this out and using 'eject' does what is required.


    When the card is 'ejected', you cannot simply go back to read it again in explorer as it is not detected BUT you only have to remove and replace the card in the reader to make it 're-appear'.


    Using "Safely Remove" disables the entire card reader - that is all of the virtual disks associated with the various card types - and the reader USB plug has to be unplugged to re-enable it.


    So, 'eject' is the route to go - many thanks for everyone's assistance!:D




  6. I realise you've already sorted this, but I'll still comment in case it helps you in the future.


    When you copied the files to the SD card the first time, did you tell the machine that you wanted to remove it before you pulled it out? If not, then in future you need to "Safely Remove", using one of the icons in the tray area (bottom right corner), before you take it out. Writes to the card may be delayed for any length of time. "Safely removing" the card means any pending writes will be committed.


    Rgds, Andy

    I realise that delayed writes can be a problem but if I use the "Safely Remove" feature, it disables the card reader which, being a USB unit mounted inside to the case, cannot be used again without resetting the pc. :yikes:

  7. You could have always tried the contact links on the webpage :huh:

    Yes, but then I was hoping this was a glitch that may be useful to point out to others... :):D

    I was in the same position and emailed Groundspeak. They said it was a glitch in the system and they were looking into it. My original i.e. unextended renewal date was a couple of weeks ago and I'm still showing as a Premium Member so ignore the reminder until just before your extra 30 days run out.

    Ah, as I thought - it seems that the glitch is still there. :D<_<

    Many thanks for your reply.



  8. I took advantage of the Garmin offer of 30 days free Premium membership which appeared to have moved on my renewal date as expected - great! :D

    However, I just got the renewal email telling me that my membership will run out within seven days - this is relative to the original expiry date. <_<:huh:

    Any suggestion as to what may be going on? Can I ignore the email? Who do I contact to find out?

    So many questions, where do I stop? How do I stop?.... :)




  9. Sometime around the beginning of 2005 a collegue at work brought in a yellow Etrex for some reason and all the Engineering dept geeks were interested. :D:P "What would you use it for?" seemed to be the most common question - and that was when geocaching was mentioned.


    A quick sign up on gc.com to find a cache within two miles of home set by our local scout master! :) We found that one without a GPSr but were soon equipped and the rest is history. :D

  10. In answer to the original question, Yes......


    We've also lost our MAGIC map this weekend (it frequently goes down at weekends) which is a pain as it is pretty much the main mapping tool we use for reviewing. But at least it meant I could go out and do a cache or two myself over the weekend :D

    Ah, that would explain it!

    We also have a couple that are in a nature reserve with permission - but were only submitted on Saturday, so there is no rush. :angry:

    Anyway, the local cachers seem to be a little slow lately as there have been very few visits to our new caches :( - but that's another story...



  11. And all the reviewers will be in Oxford, I'm guessing!!


    Check you've ticked the box to say it's live - otherwise the reviewers won't see it!


    Well I'm back from Oxford but as The Bee Keeper has said Magic is down so we can't Finish reviewing until it's up. As soon as the site is back up normal service will be resumed :)



    The Long Man

    Volunteer UK Reviewer for geocaching.com

    UK Geocaching Information & Resources website www.follow-the-arrow.co.uk

    Geocaching.com Knowledge Books


    Oh, that is good to hear! :) Hint, hint... :wub::wub::)

  12. In the days when I lived and worked on the edge of the forest we had a great working relationship with some of the Forest Rangers - might be worth contacting the one for the area in question.


    Actually meeting someone on site is by far the best approach. I tried on and off for several months to get some reply from the local council until I met one of the rangers on one of their community events.

    Contact was made and we soon met to discuss a couple of caches in a local SSSI that they managed. One cache is now live and the other is in the queue. :wub:

    The ranger even suggested another local nature reserve and I will be placing a cache or two there as well. :wub:

    So don't give up and try to actually meet someone in person. :)



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