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  1. i think argos do a cheep set with two screens, then when ur done can always take it back lol lmn
  2. is it just me or does everyone else have the very anoying google ads that keep popping up in the middle of the search lish for the caches. im sure it isnt something i have done. if so how do i get rid of them or is it a gc.com fault lmn
  3. i saw on an even got to touch it...... lmn
  4. though wasnt TBF in october an what fun we all had.............
  5. congrats. keep up the good work hope to see you again soon lmn
  6. well done hazel. may there be many more caching days to go....... lmn
  7. just me an im a little miss. though sometimes my boy will tag along as he enjoys finding treasure. i also cache with my little brother simon sydney an my mum an dad who go under the name the herons. lmn
  8. right i have spoken to the camp site who unforchantly can not put us all up as they only have a very small rally field. i have called anothe place who instantly said they were not intrested (maby they have heared of us before) so if any one knowes of a camp site that i can call plz let me know location of london ish. lmn
  9. dont no about running it but a cito after would be good lmn
  10. dont no about running it but a cito after would be good lmn
  11. i have been looking at hoasting an event darrrnnnnn saaaalllfffffff. would any one be intrested maby for august kinda time. hope it to be london way i have found a really nice campsite but need a rough idear on numbers so can find out if they have enough space for us lot. lmn
  12. cant remember if i logged my intentions but u know ill be there any way lmn
  13. i have seen a lot of men mainly weraing strange junpers, who hold big sticks an hit their little white balls. i think they use it as a kinda greating as they are always shouting BOGIE at each other. lmn
  14. not that far from me would be nice to pop over forthe night. lmn
  15. yup put me down for 2 an im sure by september i will be wanting some more. can use any of my pics if sutable thanks lmn
  16. the last few day icant get in to chat i have tryed all the links but the java wont let me in lmn
  17. cool thats fab. has to be somethin fluffy like....... blmonge lmn
  18. help i cant get in im all lonley an want some one to chat to lmn
  19. to reach at least my 200 by april on my 2 year caching date. lmn
  20. awwwwww i cant get in to chat!!!!!!!!!!!! withdrawral sympyons are kicking in MUST CHAT MUST CHAT awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lmn
  21. oh it came!!!!!!! ready to race!!!!!!! lmn
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