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  1. well when i was 17 my dad brought me my first car and on the key ring was a little miss naughty it also had a purple go faster stripes on it lol. my dad started to call me little miss naughty and it stuck gets shortened to lmn but i like it. an im not naughty at all!!!! honest
  2. everyone who knows me will tell you that im all ways up for caching so just let me know. lmn
  3. E trex yellow £100 from argos you cant go wrong!!!!! lmn
  4. i get mine from boots they give them away for free all you have to do is ask. lmn
  5. i think you will find this is one subject not spoken much of!!!!!!! im staying out of it lmn
  6. ok its live http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...b1-a9dce3245590
  7. i hope i dont find any tbs like that ive had trouble with some in the past but nothing that big lol
  8. ok the event has been sent for publication yes day vistors are welcome at a cost of £2 per car will be nice to see everyone.
  9. i had a lock n lock box as one of my caches when it rained heavely it was washed in to the river some 4 mounths later (i though it was long gone) i had a phone call from a cannoest he returned the cache wich was dry an in perfect condidtion apart from the tide lie round the top of the box lol i cleened it up an put it back they are fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. fab story will be waiting for the next chapter..........lol hope everyone had a fab xmas an an even better new year to come cheers (clink) lmn
  11. ok so how would the dates be for the weekend of the 15th march?? i have to ask as i have to put a depostit for s rough number on the campsite. with in the next few weeks.
  12. oh lol well i cant be in to places at onece lol the date is only penciled in so i will hae to change it. all i need to know is the people will come can move it to june but the price will be higher. rutson i think the picth price is £15.25 which includes the 2 alduls so will prob be the same though he did say he will give us a discount so poss cheeper on the day. so sugestions for dates then?????
  13. the big south event!! LMN is having her first event on 30th-01st may 2008 the campsite is in dover and is called martin mill. CT15 5LA Tel: 01304 852658 Fax: 01304 853417 it will be £15.25 per nigh for 2 adult extra adult £3.50 kid £2.00 dog £1.50 (must be kept on a lead) electric hook up £3.00 the electric is in a dffrent feild but right next door an there is easy acsess to the rally feild they have wc facilitys. i need a rough count on numbers for the site manger there is a pub with in walking distance
  14. mine is a apache 320 shame its so far away but i think 150 miles on it is a bit much lol
  15. nice the new quadziller 500cc 4x4 bet its good fun has a bit mor power than mine i think. dont no how to put a pic sorry
  16. im living in ashford and i do most of my caching on my own. recently i have noticed that a lot of other people do to. so if anyone is intrested in meeting up an doing a few caches in the area then maby a swift half please let me know. lmn
  17. well done the hoppers have a good new year an ill see you at the next camping event lmn
  18. im one of the younger cachers but manage to fit in with the winklies qite well at events. that is untill the beer sets in.
  19. yo ho ho an lots of bottles of rum......... ill be there i hope an might bring the crew lmn
  20. What do you call a chav in a box?? Innit.. What do you call a chav in a filling cabinet?? Sorted.. What do you call a chav in a box with a lock on it?? Safe.. Why are chav's like slinkie's?? They have no real use but it's great to see one fall down the stair's.. What do you call a chavette in a white tracksuit?? The bride.. You're in your car an you see a chav on a bike, why should you not hit him?? It might be your bike.. What's the difference between a chav and a coconut?? One's thick an hairy, the other's a coconut.. What's the first question in a chav quiz nite?? What you lookin' AT?? Two chav's in a car with no music. Who's driving?? The police.. What do you say to a chav with a job?? Can i have a Big mac please.. What do you say to a chav in a suit?? Will the defendant please stand.. What do you call a knife in chav-ville?? Exhibit A.. Why is 3 chav's going over a cliff in a nova a shame?? A nova seats 4.. How many chav's does it take to change a light bulb?? One, they'll screw anything.. What do you call a 100 chav's at the bottom of a river?? A start.. How many chav's does it take to clean a floor?? None, "thats sum uvver bleeder's job innit.".. Why did the chav take a shower?? He didn't mean to, he just forgot to close the nova's windows in the car wash.. Why did the chav cross the road?? To start a fight with a random stranger for no reason what so ever.. What do you call a chav at college?? The cleaner.. Two chav's jump of a cliff,,Who wins?? Society
  21. daed mans cheast will be running by the weekend slowly getting round to doing some maintanince. i though u had already found that one sssss
  22. i have a cache called bluebell woods please see my profile for full info on the cache as i dont no how to make a link. i adoped this cache prob over a year ago but i have trouble maintaining it as it is not a place that i go often an is a bit out the way for me. its an really nice location an would be a shame to let this one go. plaese let me knw if you are intrested. thanks lmn
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