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  1. if a byway is sign posted or/and on my map then i would use it. i pay my road tax so am allowed to use it as many times as i like. though i would not drive a bridle way or foot path. if the farmers start planting trees/post in the way they will be removed as its my righ of way. nothing like a day mud plugging. though i havent had a 4x4 for a few years so for now the byways near me are a bit safer lol. lmn
  2. cheep and very easy to use the trusty etrex yellow every cacher has one lmn
  3. i also got a 550t from santa very luck i was and i love it so so much. lmn
  4. Do you think our reviewers have the time to cross check every cache we submit against Open Caching, Terra caching, NaviCache and now this corporate site? Why should Theta bow to Groundspeak if we don't consider other listing sites ourselves? because gc.com is the main site and all the others are like sister sites we were here first lmn
  5. lol i for got all about the cace at the event lol i was busy thinking about my belly lol and it was only sat morning hazel said she would get me one for my birthday so im trying to forget about it so then it will be a suprise. lmn
  6. or keep a look out for an event lodes of caches and you wont see the kids all weekend as they all play together. lmn
  7. i seem to recall a while ago someone found an ideal and cheep screen protector/case for the oregan dose anyone no the link or website ect lmn
  8. well my dad started calling me lmn when i was about 17 but now i wish i used something else as it seems to give me a bad reputation, obvioulisly i behave myself people just get the wrong idea. lmn
  9. when you find your self always carring a pen notepad various bits of paper with notes scribbled on it and cant go to tesco without buying a plastic box or at least looking and very nearly buying one and having to force youself not to lmn
  10. i picked one of these up i just put it in another cache. i only use gc.com as i started using other sites and was just to confusing so i stick to one, lmn
  11. [i use jarva www.hoksters.co.uk/geochat lmn
  12. im selling an etrex ledgend with full uk maps mail me if u intrested lmn
  13. im sorry for your loss of such a lovely friend, you can be assured that yours and caesars adventures will always be remembered and talked of offten. lmn
  14. so no one starts to make plans or change plans i think hazel has informed the team who were chosen at random to have to hotel. sorry to everyone else maby next time we will double book again lol. lmn
  15. just put in my order for two of each lmn
  16. well i hope everyone had a good christmas. due to santa being very genourous this year i have a few things for sale. a garmin ledgend with cable only used a few times but in full working order and an advent 7201 netbook\laptop 15.4inch screen 2 years old with all manuales and box ect in full working order running on vista. for more info/pics email me through my profile. happy new year shipping to be arranged. lmn
  17. i hate micros but if im bored i might come and give it ago maby when its walmer though lol. have you tryed boots they always seem to be happy to give away bags of the things. lmn
  18. i got an oregan 550t for christmas with the os maps and its fab a lot of money but i think well worth it as its garmin and very well made so it will ake a drop or two. lmn
  19. i hate finding plastic bags normaly full of slugs and water ewww and i find my self prodding it with a stick just incace its a nice bag of dog $%#@ i always remove them. lmn
  20. i saw a vehicle being towed by the rac number with the plate B1G GPS im sure they must be cachers so i souted it out before i remembered that i was in a car full of muggles lol
  21. my cache pages all have bad spelling on them but being dislesic it dosnt help me i can read a word and to me its right, but not to everyone else i find i can write a whole log and spell the same word three diffrent ways every time i rite it. i wrote my cv my self and none of my employers have ever said it would be a problem though they have all noticed my bad spelling. no amount of studdying will improve this its just the way i am!!!!!! so unless you wanna go through all my pages then just live with it at lease you dont have to live with all the extra things dislxia comes with. lmn
  22. i hered that everyone had a good time. the next event will be on the second sat of november at the french connection in ashford i will sort out a web page and call the pub tomorrow but im sure it will be ok. lmn
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