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  1. hello newbies, i have the desire its a fab phone and not to bad at finding the caches but if ur in it for the long term id invest in a seprate hand held unit aswell i just use my phone as a back up. lmn
  2. aww in the geocaching world im still a miss lol that dosnt mean im single boys hee hee
  3. hee hee our nano's turned into a small but at the moment more like a locationless as i keep loosing him under the sofa
  4. thankyou everyone , looking forward to it though its now monday and still no dress will someone tell me when i should start to panic?? im sure it will all be fine i know my family (the herons) have worked very hard at arranging everything so a big thankyou to them and hazel i cant wait to see you hopefully we will have some time to do a bit of last min shopping around the town.
  5. szia, im comming to hungary in april can u sugest any good caches close to pecs,sigitvar i have been here many time i really like this country also if any one had bugs to go to the uk i could take them
  6. pnt did one i think it was called pinocios magic eye
  7. I've done that at puppy training class, where they make you go and hang it on your car to make sure you take it with you. I also nearly left one hanging on a tree while signing a cache log Thats a good idea, as I guess most places puppy classes are at don't have the right bin to put it in. I've nearly left my GPS hanging in a tree while signing a cache log I try to use the carabina to hang it on me now, rather than near-by vegetation. stops the car smelling too im yet to try it with the baby lol lmn
  8. Ditto, up to 3 foot of the white stuff here and we live right in the bottom of the valley so we have to go up big hills to go anywhere... My pressies may be delayed but they will be sent when I can get out and about and shopping.....better late than never, and better to stay in the house where it is warm and safe than venture out at the moment Mandy same here lmn
  9. i was never a dog lover untill we got one but i totaly understand that if u dont have or like dogs then its unaceptable to have a dog buggin u when out for a walk ect, but unless a rescue dog the behavier will come from what it has learnt in the home the dog shouldnt be destroied but the owner punnished and tought how to look after a dog correctly. yes my dog has her naughty moments she is still a puppy but i can be sure she wouldnt hurt any one and 99% of the time will come back when called whatever she is doing. no dog is perfect but to bite a stranger for no reason is unexceptable. lmn
  10. i have a cache near a river and some kids who were fishing for the day found my cache they very kindly left a dead fish and signed the log, well by the time i had gone to check the cache for a maintiance visit the fish had been there for a good few days ewwwwwwwwwww lmn
  11. im a priemam member but i hate the member only caches, caching should be free and for familys. i understand the membership to be so maps and pq can be downloaded ect. in a family you would most likly only have one membership so unfair to the others who cant get the info. i understand why it is done so it makes the cache safer as not just anyone can log on and get the co'ords. but if someone who is not got a priemam membership goes to the trouble of getting the info finding the cache and logging it i dont see this to be a problem. i have logged a few before i got my membership but most of the time i dont do them as i think it is not a fair part of the game. lmn
  12. wow hazel that is a long way just to visit a cacher i hope they cooked you a good dinner when you got there. and had the kettle on. i would deff need a few beers if i drove that far. lmn
  13. ashford kent has a few byway caches and some good offroading too. if you want a good day out off roading have u tryed the course in sevonoaks im sure there are some caches close to there too. lmn
  14. then you wont be able to travel anywere with out picking up a cache on the way or popping over as cachers houre for a brew or even a full roast it takes so long to go anywere these days. lmn
  15. now you will discover that caching isnt just a game/sport its a lifestyle. welcome lmn
  16. well im no were close to the most but ive cached in england n wales poland spain monaco hungary think thats it other than up north does that count as another lmn
  17. if u wanna get on the stats list u will need to be doing a lot more than one a day lol lmn
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