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  1. unless there is something perticuley intresting on the forums on the latest gadget MCP has brought he dosnt come on here as for the logs i do all of them most of the time thats 5 accounts for every cache we find takes some time. lmn
  2. can i ask why you didnt clean it out as u have been there? and asking others to help lmn
  3. i think its a bit harsh to blame it on a cacher straight away you would be suprised the caches that do get muggled some of them are very well hidden, but thats part of it im afraid its sounds like kids if they have pulled out ivy from other places too. a cache could be fine for years untill it gets muggled. before blaming people i would investigate further! lmn
  4. depending on the country you want just put the bit at the end of the web address eg www.geocaching.nl, www.geocaching.hu the gc.com log in works on all of them. lmn
  5. not sure about twitter but there is a few diffrent facebook pages lmn
  6. Blimy!!!! this high wire stuff it harder than i though, they make it look so easy on the telle, though i guess having to use the telegraph poles between mine and my neighbours house has its disadvantages!.
  7. we also have a faceache page under geocaching in kent
  8. The sheepy event is the end of July. This is LMN's Sheppey event: A Naughty Weekend Away #4, 9th - 11th September. Do they have sheepies on Sheppey? lol thanks mrs b im not sure they have a great deal of sheepies lmao MrsB
  9. lol meer's im very greatfull for all the hard work you spent putting out the cache. but we have been there for 3 years now and people have started to clear the area of cache. also last year for some reason i didnt feel as welcome as they have made us feel in the past maby it was just me i dont no. so time for a change we can always go back there and im sure during the year i will return for a weekend or so as it is a very nice site. hoping you can make it to sheppy lmn
  10. hello, ive just had my event published in sheppy. there arnt to many caches close by you have to cross the bridge for most of them. if there is anyone who could help me out by placing a few caches i would appreaciate the help i dont no if ill be able to to any. no rush though the events not till sept. thankyou lmn
  11. such sad news i have emailed him a few times and was hoping to meet him at an event sometime. our thoughts are with his family will deff miss his comments on the forams. lmn and family
  12. lol i was caching till i was 8 1/2 months lol though i was strugling towards the end now he has his own user name and loves it. lmb
  13. oh yes the geobabes are comming lmao we cn give them a run for there money lmao@ant u numpty
  14. she prob is the youngest at the moment lol, its hard work caching with a little one
  15. ive had mine discovered a few times by people on the road but mostly at events ive had mine so long i forgot about it really but always nice when someone spots it. also not every one will log it they might point and smile when they see it but to make a note of the number when at traffic lights can be quite a challange and u have prob driven off before the got the whole number. i wouldnt worry about then one day ur get a nice suprise when someone does log it.
  16. i think this gives us a new challange ant the next events this year lol start writing peeps lol
  17. ha ha little-cookie you are the youngest on here by far but also one of the muddest cachers xxxxx lmn
  18. Im 24 been caching since i was 18 now i cache with my hubby and son whos 6 months
  19. would of come to this one but one day before little snails 1st birthday, so jelly and ice cream for us instead lmn
  20. well said everyone i totaly agree the worse cache for me has to be one found attached to the bottom of a dog poo bin y would anyone want to go near one of those it then wasnt helpped by the very rude and unfriendly people living close by hazel i think u will remember this one as you are "from the council" lmn
  21. santa got me my oregon last year lol my best chrimbo prezzie ever he also got me my membership lmn
  22. hello n welcome hope u know what u have let urself in for lmn
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