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  1. im in for the south as i missed the girlz an boys one
  2. hi im off to poland on saturday an have been looking for some caches to do when i get out there has anyone been before? if so are there any that are really worth doing????
  3. i have to admit im the owner of a rather large tb (King Arthur with Horse) a lot of people who pick him up have trouble getting rid of him as he dosnt fit in many caches. i tryed to make it a bit easier by allowing him to sepparate from his horce an lance but people still have trouble with him. think he should win the prize!!!!!
  4. if im out for the day caching i like to take a flask of tea an maby some haribo for the car but i have been known to take a bottle with me mainly if its sunday like to have a sit down have a drink an watch the world go by. only if im not driving mind you.
  5. i like them if its a cold day then u dont really want to read all the logs to see who have been to the cache a quick flick through the cards will tell you. also some of then can be quite amusing. i try an leave them but some times forget. the ones in my cache will eventually go in a scrap book. little miss naughty
  6. hi i am organising a c.i.t.o event in the medway area for the 22nd april 06. it will be around the medway city estate an the saxon shore way as there are a number of caches along the parth but sadly the litter spoils the walk. so far i have kindly been given the use of ips international.s car park to use as a meeting point etc an am currently waiting on some replys from the council. im also trying to sort out refreshments etc. please let me no if anyone is intrested thanks sam
  7. hi i dont own any coins yet an im having trouble getting hold of some does any one want to sell some also if you could let me no were i can get hold of some personlised ones. thanks
  8. hi i am trying to organise a c.i.t.o event around the medway kent area would anyone be intrested. so far i have organised a car park for a meeting spot with authrisation from ips international who would like to take part in the event. an im working on food an refreshments.
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