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  1. over the last few weeks i have noticed that tbs are being logged in to caches for the mileage. but they are not always left in the cache. is it okay to carry a tb around for a few days logging it in to each cache visited untill such time as its finaly left in a cache? i have two ways of thought as if the bug has actually visited the cache it would be the true mileage, but also should it not only be logged were it is dropped off?? a confused LMN
  2. i have just ordered my first coins an authough they are limited one's wot good are they sitting on the shelf at home collecting dust. i will be releacing them soon. although i am looking to swap as im after the screw an nut coins, n e 1 got some going spare or would like to swap please let me no, thanks LMN
  3. =So what possessed me to go out after 9pm on a cold Tuesday Evening? the addiction starts hear.......... LMN
  4. i own an i3 an can say that it is brill bit of kit seams to have pleanty of space and does all the speed warnings etc. i dont no how to download the way point though so if you manage to do it please let me know. LMN
  5. i supose there has to be some logic in it someware, but having only ever been in a plane once i didnt think n e thing of it i didnt see any big signs saying no spanners etc. maby next time ill be a bit more carefull wot i pack either that or i could always drive then i could take any thing i want LMN
  6. thats a really good idea will try that next time. LMN
  7. not exactly sure wot you want i.e do you still wanna keep the little man in the pic or are you going for something totaly diffrent. have done a small sketch not that exciting really let me no a nbit more an will see if i can come up with n e thing. LMN
  8. it only happened last week an the did offer to hold it for me untill i arived home but they were going to charge me £5. considering that it only cost me 85p i didnt think it was worth keeping also it was an unrealeaced bug planning to start its journey from poland. LMN
  9. on my reacent trip to poland i took with me some travle bugs. the were packed in my hand luggage so i could take photos of them on the plane. but when passing through customs i got stopped an my bag searched. they found the bugs an questioned me. how do you explane to customs why you are carring round a champaine cork,a small figure of a girl an a 10mm spanner all of which are attatched to dog tags. sadly the spanner was confiscated just in cace i dismantled the plane in a moment of bordem on the flight. has any one elce had problems with customs. ps the 10mm spanner was my own bug (how was i to no that there not allowed!!) LMN
  10. more super sotherners on the way how many times can it be sent to the same address???? as (simon sydney) my little brother an (the herons) mum an dad would like to joing in to. LMN
  11. geocaching is a game an in the rules you have to achally find the cache before you log it. therefor hes cheating!!!!!! besides there are plenty of other things to play in your armchair like chess or scrabble LMN
  12. im sure you have all heared of the tortoise an the hare!!!! so fighsty northeners watch out the southeners will beat you in the end. COME ON THE SOUTH!!!!!!! LMN
  13. i like it shame us peeps with little computer knowlage cant come up with funky pages. keep it up LMN
  14. the gps should work all over but do u know were to get hold of sat nav downloads for the garmin i3 as i want to drive to poland in august. LMN
  15. im back from poland. unforchantly didnt get chance to do any caches as not very good at speaking polish an the car breaking down was a small problem. but can recomend places to go. we stayed in a place called raba wyzna very nice little town. Zakapane is well worth a visit also the salt mines an of cource the slopes. have more info if needed LMN
  16. would be intrested in coming along althugh would be driving so need good soft drinks to. drinking coke all night isnt good.
  17. church yard caches are brill. i understand that if someone is in morning then its best to stay out the way but if the coast is clear then i dont see the problem. most people see grave yards as cold places were as they should be happy places as you are there to celabrate someones life. many stones are not looked after if there is no longer any family left i think its nice that weather you no the person or not for you to read there stone an say there name means that someone still knows of there exsistance. LMN
  18. can you please confirm spaces so i can book the time off work wii be there if space LMN
  19. i guess so having never been to an event im not really sure wot in letting my self in for but its still being organised when i get a reply from the council then i will submit it as an event. just looking to no if it was worth holding one an if any one would be intrested. L M N
  20. come on every one i need to no if people are intrested. im teaming up with chopper69 an were hoping its going to be a big one. as i asked my collage for use of there car park (not decided wether we are going to use it yet) they are intrested in supporting the project an some how the km newspaper seems to want dibs in the story too. you no what newspapers are like an as they are right next door to the collage i think they were listning throw the walls. dadgum reporters. L M N
  21. i went in search of a micro in the middle of the promanard as it was summer it was very busy an having already looked for this one a few times before was determined to find it. as we walked to the cache site there was a familly sitting on the wall wich the cache was hidden on. i kindly asked them to move as i had lost my ring. an after all of that someone had beaten me to it an it had gone. L M N
  22. yeah ill let you no the restrants etc also some of the caches if we find any. L.M.N
  23. will be there if work permitts. prob just me going all on my own scary!!!
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