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  1. thanks for clearing that up for me. though i wont be doing any othe caches that are logges only on other websites. lmn
  2. i an confussed please can you help me. i have just done a cache inside the cache was a piggyback for another near by cache. but the cache is not listed on the Groundspeak website it is an another site called naviecache.com. i have made an account with the new site in order to log my visit. but how do i redgister it with Groundspeak as now my cache count is wrong. please help an confused lmn
  3. although i do read the forams a lot i dont post much as i visit the chat room a lot an besides all the friendly banta we do awanser some relavent questions. an thoes of you u who use the chat room will no that i can spell. some think to do with being blonde i think.......... LMN
  4. i totaly agree with the roving rangies as i enjoy the off roading. ex bf had a few defenders with all the toys. greenlaining an caching go together very well lots of mud an lots of fun. i currently drive a mk3 golf shes my pride an joy so dont like getting her muddy though it dosnt matter to much as it gets a full valet every week LMN
  5. wow what an achivement congrats an evan better that the winner is a cacher. well done LMN
  6. cant say i have ever really tryed to scan money but i have played monopaly an it sounds like a good idea. LMN
  7. ive been reading through the forums an have been looking at cachers names an how strange some of them are, just wondered what meaning to you your nickname has? i got mine from my first car it was a white fiesta with a purple stripe. my dad had the number plates made with the words little miss naughty printed at the bottem an from then on it stuck. LMN
  8. (It didn't like whatever Renault have coated my Scenic's windscreen with so it had virtually no signal. Maplin ) the reasaon why is if you have a heated front screan the signal can get through it. though they always leave a small bit unheated so the gps just has to be in the right place an it should work. or as you say an external arial will do the job. LMN
  9. i have an i3 an as a sat nav its brill i dont get lost half as much as i used to. i use mine for caching by just putting in the nearest road name to the cache think it works just as well. LMN
  10. tree cover can always be a pain in the summer but like me being a landrover person im sure ur familler with the good old os map they work wonders an using them you can work out the co ords, with that an the clues you should be able to get by. LMN
  11. although it may seem like a game at the moment it soon turns in to an addiction!!! all the best LMN
  12. looking to trade for a screw coin also the nut coin though not sure that one has been releaced yet. have to trade silver limited edition scotland coin welsh coin LMN
  13. i only own one cache but am working on another, i vist every few weeks just to check the leval of the river so it dosnt get washed away. sadly though it has to be removed for the really bad weather in the winter but the good news is its now back in action. LMN
  14. my point exactly i think as long as there is some proof that the bug has visited the cache its fine to log the mileage otherwise its a bit of a cheat really. LMN
  15. sounds like fun intrested but need to no location as from S.E an seams that many of the events are miles away from here. LMN
  16. im from the hene bay area quite welcome to come along if you a newbie, or any one really the more the merrier. LMN
  17. COME ON THE SOUTH!!!!!!!!!! lets give the north a run for their money. LMN
  18. yes as i went to poland an have pics of the tb's on the holiday but was unable to do any caches felt bad that they went all the way there an was unable to log the miles. LMN
  19. just recived my scotish coin through andys101 and redfrock an have to say its wicked LMN
  20. that is very true. just wanted to know wot every one thought LMN
  21. i would only collect the bug out of my own cache if it had been in there for a length of time although if its an icon i dont have then id be straight there. LMN
  22. i agree i must admitt the coins are very nice but the felling of finding one is evan better. its a shame to find a vritual coin as there is nothing as such to pick up. andys101 an redfrock came up with a good idea with their coins an they attatched a goal by drilling a small hole in the coin therefore making it worhtless to collectors. LMN
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