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  1. just pick a cache at ramdom program it in to my yellow etrex an play follow the arrow (as im stupid an have sold my sat nav) lmn
  2. had a really bad day at work i got home an found this amazing callender in my letter box!!!!!! cheared me up its brill thanks mandy for the brill callender an all the hard work!! lmn
  3. yeah i did stop for a cache on the way home but only did a drive by lmn
  4. i have been thinking after being sent home today from work does that mean i cant cache? taking the day off ill is fine but surly the freash air is good for you. so that makes craming in a few caches okay??? im sure my boss would do his nut if i was off ill an caught caching. or maby this is just turning in to to much of an obbsession an when cold, seazing everywere an really genualy ill is it a bad thig to drag ur self out of an nice walm bed put down the horrid cup of lemsip an go for a quick dash throw the woods?? lmn
  5. dear santa, plaese can i have for christmas a sat nav so i dot get lost when caching. an i would also like a water proof coat (maby then i wont get so many colds) thanks santa love lmn
  6. me me me i want one 2 plz also any pics from my gallery etc u can use lmn
  7. oh you wanna watch thouse peeps from wirrial they speak funny lmn
  8. hi , i have been a bit slow in discovering this discution which isnt good really as i was leading the race for a bit an also am leading the most movments. but i have just noticed that my name is wrong on the update page as it brings up someone elces profile page. who do i ask to get this changed. lmn
  9. not sure about the caches but my boyfriend is from budapest an he said the the duna (river in the middle of budapest) an the budai var (castle) are nice plases to visit. lmn
  10. every one lover magical trevor the tricks that he does are ever so clever look at him now dissapering the cow................. lmn
  11. looks like a nice day for being naughty, lmn
  12. i use caches to describe were i am (or going) though most muggles give me strange looks as apparently they direct using pubs strange...... lmn
  13. sorry for the mess mrsB and lost it have been throwing cake at each other again!!!!! we do normaly try to keep the room tidy. lmn
  14. badger badger badger badger badger.............. lmn
  15. it a good idea but some of us cant whistle:( though i have done on with a wireless doorbell first find the micro with the doorbell in it an the cache is hidden with the speaker workes well. lmn
  16. now wot exactly do you give a 30year old badger for his birthday??????? lmn
  17. mmmm a camping event............. a long drive fron darnnnn saaaaaaaarrrrrrrffffffffff though im sure i will be there also just after my 21st bday so reason to P.A.R. T.A.Y (not that i need a reason to stay up late an get resanibaly refreshed) lmn
  18. i own up to owning an bluebell wood, though it was addopted an i kept the name lmn
  19. day visitors will need to be off site by 10pm to respect the peace of other campers though. does this mean that we all have to go to bed at 10pm an that we have to behave ??????? lmn
  20. can i reserve my seat as it seams to be getting rather crowded. .........oh here comes the tea trolly..........thanks mrsB lmn
  21. would love to come but sadly a little far for me. lmn
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